New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


NMSU is a great school for Agriculture related degrees. But there is a good Engineering group, as well as Business School. Of course, I'm in the Psychology Degree Plan, and I feel that this is a very high quality plan for anyone seeking such a degree.


Anyone would find a niche and fit in at NMSU as there is a wide variety of students and activities and things to do that fit every potential student. I wasn't sure if this was the place for me but once I got here I have really found a wide array of people that I really like.


Any one who wants to get a college education should attend this school .


This is my second bachelors degree, and I decided to attend my university because it has a great community feel to it as well as a price that can't be beat. This school has a small town feel to it that embraces all cultures, and I'm lucky that I am part of this community.


NMSU is mainly an enginering/ ag school, but we have pretty much every major you can imagine, basically if you want to learn, and have fun, go there.


New Mexico State University is a pretty big school in which the town revolves around it. The diverse kind of majors are what makes New Mexico State University such an interesting and prospective school. The school a student chooses depends on what kind of enviornment a student wants to be in as well as how well they adapt. A person who doesnt mind a small town and being around familiar people all the time should definitley attend this school. The atmosphere is extremley compelling., if a students wants helpful professors and TA's, this is the perfect school.


Any kind of person should attend this school. New Mexico State is a super diverse college. We have people from all over the country. I have seen every type of personality at NMSU as well, and I know that we have a lot of degree options available. This school is really a good fit for anyone - unless you want to go to a really big city. Las Cruces is pretty good-sized, but it certainly is not a huge city. People who love the outdoors will fit in especially well at State.


The type of people that should attend this school are sociable people. Like most colleges, there are hundreds of new people to meet and they are all eager to meet you. There are definitely all kinds of different people here, so it would not be hard to find someone you could easily click with. With all of the activities that happen on and around campus, you are sure to meet a lot of new people. You can easily make friends in classes as well. This will also be better because now you have a study partner!


Anyone could really attend this school, but espeically engineers and agriculture majors. They really have great programs and are some of the recognized programs that New Mexico State University is known for.


Persons who are goal oriented but well rounded and non-competitive should attend NMSU. The average student parties but does not bing drink. Any culture or religion is openly accepted but may not find similar students. Students who are conservatively oriented will easily fit in. Students who like spending time outdoors and are interested in agriculture will find plenty of both.


Anyone who likes the small town feel and an updated university.


It takes a motivated and hard-working person to succeed at NMSU. The main campus at New Mexico State offers the true college experience, with plenty of space and colleges ranging from the college of business to the health and social services college. In many classes it is necessary to do homework and quizzes online, which calls for students of the university to have an understanding of how to utilize computers and the internet effectively. Above all, a student that is going to attend college at NMSU needs to make sure that they are commited to their school-work.


Someone who is determined and outgoing should go to New Mexico State University.


The kind of person that should attend this college is one that is willing to attend classes every time they meet. Also they need to do their best on the assignments that they are given. Otherwise, they can be just about anybody and fit in at this school.


NMSU is made especially for students who really want to stand out. It is for students who are really interested in engineering and agriculture. It lets you express your ideas and always seek for YOUR answers. NMSU is a school with a lot of opportunities. Hey but dont think it is only for studying, of course you come to study for a better life in the future, but NMSU doesnt forget that college students also need a break. NMSU also has its party side!! If you want to study but not forgetting your party side, NMSU is right for you.


This school has a lot of courses fit for anybody. Everyone here is friendly, outgoing, and treat each other with so much respect. It's a fun friendly place to be, especially if you're from out of town or out of state. The campus is it's own seperate little bubble away from town, it's like being in two different places. The campus has tons of things always going on that are open to everybody, so you're never bored. IT has a quiet comfortable feeling that can make anyone comfortable.


In my opinion any individual has the right to attend this school if they intend to obtain more knowledge and be willing to help out in making a positive impact in the world. Nobody has the right to prevent others from reaching their dreams, since at the end that is what everyone in this world strives for.


Any person could attend this school. It is a great university but you do have to make sure you keep track of your classes and what your degree plan is because some of the advisors do advise wrong sometimes. It happened to me where I insisted I did not need to take some classes but was told I hd to and well it was a waste of my time and money because I really did not need them.


A hard working, dedicated student interested in gettin a degree.


This school is very diverse. The kind of person that would/should attend this school would have to be very open minded. The campus is full of people of different religion, origin, intelligence, and wealth. We all mostly get along, but we definitely respect each other. I love this campus because I have never been made fun of, never been looked down upon, and never have I been scared.


New Mexico State has great engineering and science departments. They also have very good agricultural and social service departments. I would recommend it to anyone who is in these departments. A small town person who is not into the big city lifestyle would feel very at home at NMSU. NMSU encourages students to be active in their learning and education. A passive learner will not do well on this campus.


Any person that is interested in learning, wants a small teacher-student ratio in the classroom, likes a rural and beautiful environment, wants a school that has little to no crime and wants teachers that want to help the students succeed no matter what it takes.


A person who will be dedicated to their education...


This school is for the average student. It is a tranquil school with a lot of students but plenty of space. The over achiever may not feel challenged enough, yet the under achiever may feel left behind. This school is also not famous for its sports, so it is not a good school for athletes. It has a good education system and average fine arts programs.


someone who wants a big campus feel with smaller, more intimate classes. definitely anyone interested in engineering or media.


A person that is looking for a solid undergraduate degree program. This school has an excellent business school as well as hotel, restaurant & Tourism management school and agricultural studies programs.


The people I feel should be attending NMSU are people who are career oriented and want to do something better with their life. Even if they are not sure what they want to do, NMSU is a great way to figure it out. I feel that it has helped me choose a career that I find to be interesting. I hope that people who come to this school are people who want a better life for themselves.


A well focused person, who is laid back but yet has their goals in order.


Focused, open-minded and want to have fun. Do not get distracted, get your work done.


The type of person ideal for NMSU is someone who is wanting a great experience. Someone who knows how to handle their studies but also would like a social life.


Someone that would really enjoy this school is a free thinke; someone ready to have fun and create close relationships with your teachers and classmates. Be ready to be involved and show your school pride. This school has a laid back and comfortable feel, but that doesn't mean we don't work hard around here either.


All are welcomed.


Students looking to attend NMSU should want to learn more about themselves, thier academics, and the world around them. NMSU is a great school, in a good location. People are friendly here and you are not just another face in the crowd. Professors and administrators care about everyone. If you are looking to get the most out of your college expierence, you should definatley consider NMSU!


A person that is up for an opportunity or adventure that stands in their way. People that woul love this school are people who are very into their school work but also love to go out o the weekends and party. This school is located in a college town someone who loves to always be around college students would be ideal. A person who does not mind being away from the "big city" life because this college is located in a a farming city!


A person who is really motivated in obtaining a career that is competitive, and is willing to work hard for it.




A person who doesn't need a lot of night life, and enjoys a small town feel.


A person who is looking to have a good time meet new friends and gain a valuable high quality education.


I think anyone should attend this school, just as long as they have a drive to succeed in life and they want to learn.


Students looking for a good college experience in a small community. There is great opportunity here.


Who ever wants a good college experience.


someone who likes to party and have a good time