New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


New Mexico State University is a great school. I wouldn't advise anyone not to attend this school. I guess if I had to choose the type of people that would not enjoy this university is people who do not like small towns. New Mexico State is located in a fairly small town, there is not much to do in Las Cruces, however I find it a great place to go to get an education.


Someone who doesn't like small towns shouldn't attend this unviersity. Although it's a college town, there's not much night life.


If you are not a person who is driven to further your eduacation then you should not attend this school or any college for that matter. The main purpose of going to college is to earn a degree in afield that you wish to have a job in so you can better your life. If you come to college just to party and blow a bunch of money by not dedicating yourself to your education then college period is not the right choice for you.


NMSU is a place for every student, we have tons of majors and so many diffrent kinds of people, every one is very nice and always willing to help.


There is enough diversity at NMSU that everyone should attend this University. Anyone will fit in.


There is a focus on academics here so it would make more sense for people that are focused to attend this school. So people who aren't going to take college seriously should not come here.


Someone who does not want get an education or does not want to meet new people or explore new Opportunities.


Those expecting to get a High quality education at a low tutition price. Im not saying NMSU has poor education is just right for the amount we pay


Someone who needs a lot of excitement and night life.


I do not think any "kind of" person should not attend this school. This school is so diverse in itself that I do not see anybody not fitting in. It is a good school to go to for anybody who wants to recieve an education.


If you don't like the desert or small classrooms you shouldn't attend this college.


A person that doesn't like big class sizes and someone who doesn't want to be to involved with their school.


Any type of person should attend New Mexico State University. NMSU provides many scholarship opportunities, majors, teaching experts, and resources that could suit any type of person with any type of interest. Anyone who wants to attend college, should definately look into NMSU because you get a great education for a great price.


All persons are welcome.


Any person that enjoys learning, volunteering, and being involved in school activities. Someone who really has their future planned out for them and wants to thrive and excel. A person that has pride in themselves.


I honestly think there is a place for everyone here at state. There are all kinds of students from different backgrounds, thats what makes state such an amazing school


There is no specific type of person that shouldn't attend this school. It is a very diverse school that is welcoming and open to everyone. I belive that any unique or individual person would feel more than welcome here and accepted despite their own individualness. This school is very good about including each and every person no matter the color of their skin or the belifs they hold.


This campus is able to provided assistance to all sorts of students for any type of problem they may have or struggling with. Any type of student and many different personalities are on this campus. This school has many oppurtunities to keep students busy and it is overall a great place to attend. People on and off campus are caring and they like to see the students succeed.


Somebody not open to new things.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school is not open minded and is mean.


I think all types of people should attend. This school has been good about accomadating everyone so there isn't any type of person that should't attend.


Someone who likes to party.


Anyone could attend this school. This school has such a wide diversity of students that anyone would fit in and be successful!


Someone who wants the feel of a close knit community, someone who ehjoys beautiful desert scenery, someone who enjoys a close knit college.


It is hard to say what kind of person should no attend this school. Everyone is very social and is focused on their studies. Seeing this, though, I would have to say a person that is only looking for social events and will not focus on their schooling should not attend this univerisity. You have to put an adequate amount of time into your homework and assignments and not blow them off and do them last minute. Professors look for quality, and if you are not willing to put time into your academics, then this university is not for you.


it is a good place for all kinds of people


people that dont what to have fun , party and hate school


A person who likes a big city should not attend this school. It's not really small, but is defintiely smaller than a lot. The class sizes are nice because most of them are smaller classes. They are not huge lecture classes.


People that shouldn't attend this school if they are into big sports teams and close-minded.


The kind that is looking for a school that does not cost a lot. Of coarse you get what you pay for.


Anyone with a racist point of view toward hispanic people should definately not attend this school.