New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most fustrating thing about my school is not having enough money to pay for my semester, by the time I can pay for my school semster registration for the following semester is completly booked, leaving me with limited classes towards my degree.


The lack of assitance from administration. In fact that is one of the only things I have had an issue with, it seems as though they are unwilling to help most of the time. I've had more rude administration experiences than I have had of helful administration. I always get the run-around and very little help at all.


Nothing, I love NMSU. It is a wonderful environment, terrific size, and great academically.


The most frustrating thing about my school is getting behind! I am the type of student who always likes to feel prepared going into class lectures and ready to do well at all practice tests and homeworks. When I get a little behind in my studies I tend to get a little overwhelmed, but I think that the fear of failure is a very strong motivator for me. I know that I would never allow myself to fail a class, but I always strive for a 4.0 and to do my best! I have yet to get a C!


The most frustrating thing about my school would be all of the construction that is taking place and the fact that there are not enough parking spaces for all students to park.


keep rising tuition increased population traffic gets bad at 8am and 5pm and worst of all parking stinks :(


The advising center did not inform me of all the requirements I needed to complete my major when I started. Led to bad class planning.


Since the focus of our university is on agriculture and engineering, I think we have less money to spend on other departments, like the arts- particularly the fine arts. Also, because Las Cruces is such a small town, there are not very many opportunities for local internships.


Advisors, are most definitley the most frustrating thing about my school. I feel they dont communicate with eachother, so each advisor only knows from what they have been told, which sometimes isn't always correct. It is also very difficult to make appointments with the advisors, they are always so busy and sometimes act like they don't care. Unfortunatley their advice on classes isn't always so helpful.


writing papers, and reports.


The most frustrating thing about New Mexico State University-Main Campus is the parking. My apartment is five minutes away form MOST of my classes but there are some that are fifteen to twenty minutes away. It is not worth buying a parking permit when I would have to walk just as far if I were to park on campus.


From what I have experienced so far nothing is frustrating at my school the only thing that gets pretty frustrating is when midterms and finals come around. It is a lot to do in so little time. With studying and meeting deadlines it can be tough.


The one thing that is frustrating is dealing with the education building staff sometimes.


The advisors are frustrating. I am a distance learning participant and have a hard time getting a hold of my advisor.


I do not have the time to balance home school and work priorites.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that many of the students are very disrespectful to the property, and it relfects on the campus.


There is not that many parking spaces. Sometimes it takes more than half an hour just to find a parking space.


The most frustrating thing about New Mexico State University is trying to get into a class, because they get filled up so quick. You see an open class and as soon as you click on it, it is already close.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the traffic/parking infrastructure. The highway which leads to the school becomes dangerously congested around 8 am; many accidents take place during the semester on this highway. Once you've found a parking space on campus, you might have to walk across one of the few busy intersections on campus; here, people are very impatient and will run you over if you are not vigilant.


Everything about this school is very accomodating and easy to use. If i had to chose on frustrating thing though, it would be the lack of parking. You pretty much have to walk anywhere or else leave 2 hours early to find a parking spot so that you aren't late to class.


The parking spaces are sometimes filled up.


Sometimes the teaching assistants, such as like in labs, are inadequate, and cannot help the students understand the course material. The second most frustrating thing is how much it costs, my first semester was only $1,300-ish, but now in my 4th semester, its almost $3,000!


The most frustrating thing about NMSU is the slow progress of financial aid. I was told about my financial aid award in the summer, and did not receive the check until early November. This created a great deal of frustration and angst at home and strained my relationship with my mother who was paying the tuition until the award arrived.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the tuiton is kind of high and it is also kind of far from my house. I have to drive an average of 60 miles every school day to get to class.


The most frustrating thing about my school was that we did not have alot of money so that made our school not fun at all because we could not go anwhere or do anything, because with out money nothing can be done. For example I played football and after a game most football players get hungry and usally the school would buy us food after the game but coach would always tell us that the school did not have enough money to help us get some food which made us not even want to win or even play.


I can think of only one problem that I have on campus and that is parking. I would like to see more parking available and for it to be free.


The students don't have school spirit!


Some teacher's accents are very hard to understand


The city it is located in is lacking alot of activities. Many people say that there is "nothing to do here" but i disagree.