New Mexico State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how to better budget both time and money.


I wished I had known how what offices to go to. When I first entered New Mexico State University – Main Campus, I was quite lost. The facilities to help students at the time I entered were not the best. There were a lot of feelings of loneliness and uncertainty when I first came here, as I was lost in where to go. However, they have improved greatly. As of now, there are many facilities that are available to new and transferring students.


I wish I had known how to take care of my health before going, mental issues kept me from exploring much of the campus.




If I could go back in time to High School I would tell my younger self to apply for scholarships as opposed to just relying on financial aid and work. I would have gone in with a more comprehensive plan to graduate as opposed to being undeclared, and unsure of what to major in. I would have waited 2 years before going in and joined the peace corp. I now know that I was not ready to attend college at such a young age. These are a few of the things I would tell my past self.


I wish I would have looked at more scholarship opportunities. My parents had money saved for me, but I wish I would have known how fast it goes once you are out on your own. The expenses were unforeseen.


I wish I had known the following: time limitations for financial aid and how changes from Federal and State levels affect me as an Undergraduate Student.


What I honestly wanted to do.


I wish I knew what I really wanted to study because when I switched my major after 2 years it postponed finishing and now I have to pay for school out of my own pocket which brings me to, I wish I knew how expensive going to college would be.


I wish that I had known exactly what I needed to successfully live in the dorms. For example, I should have brought extra storage space, cleaning supplies, and medicine. Additionally, I would have liked to know where I could have gotten cheaper books. I payed way too much for them and after I got to school people started telling me about the other options that were available.


I wish I had known more people, I came from pretty far for this school and I knew about two people that were going to this school. Other than that I can't think of anything I felt pretty prepared.


I wish I had learned where things were on campus a little bit better. It really helps you get around if you know where specific buildings are, especially if you need directions to some place new or are meeting your friends somewhere.


If they have a good engineering program since I plan to branch out to chemical engineering.


I'm good. I like this school.


I had a little bit of knowledge that college was going to be different than high school but I never knew that it would be a really diverse college. I have no problem attending a school that had people of different ethnic backgrounds. I truly enjoy other cultures so this was a college for me to sastify that curiosity.


I which I had know about the federal student aid before. I acctually never really care about it. But know that the economy at downward I which I have use it erlier. In other aspects I really like to explore the university and find out new stuff, every day. Like the gym, swiming pool, computer labs, student advising, meal plans, collage dorms and many other things.


I wish I knew about Academic Warning and to never get into that situation. I got to busy with living the college life and now because of it I am in jeapordy of being kicked out of school. I lost all my money and I just wish I would have known that living the college life is just a waste of time.


Before i came to school i would of know would be to apply for more scholorships, to help pay for all the expenses of school. I wish i would be more prepared academically.


I wish I had known of enternship opportunities for my teaching degree. I found out about those opportunities through friends and it was too late to apply for the programs. I also wished I had known about applying for scholarships even though I was not a traditional student. I would have also like to have known about certain professors because maybe I could have taken those particular classes with someone else.


I wish I had known to check if I really needed the books listed for the courses. Some of the books I got last semester were a waste of money.


I wish I had known how different living on my own would be. It's difficult managing your life (the bills, food, cloths, time...) and you don't have anyone to make sure you are making good choices.


I wish I would have known how expensive Main Campus classes were compared to their branches. It's a great school and the education none the less is excellent, but it's very costly.


I wish that I hadn't underestimated the cost of the schooling. If I had atually had a reality check in high school I would tell myself to get a job and save up and apply for as many scholarships as possible.


That I would have decided that a degree was necessary for life achievment when I was much younger.


I wish I knew how much exactly my education would cost. I had to take out loans in order to pay off my first semester which is causing me alot of stress. I wish I had made proper plans and known that many of the scholarships they offer apply mostly to students from the state of New Mexico.


That I would be flat broke taking out loans to study abroad :(


That the rule aren't always applied in ways you expect them to be, and some of the strangest things are taken painfully seriously.


I wish i had known that guessing on tests and cramming instead of studying will get me nowhere. I also wish i had spent much less time being social and more time with my education; i might be in a different position and much farther ahead of where i am now.


Jobs are hard to get.


I wish I would have known how much fun living in the dorms was going to be. I was dreading it and wanted my own apartment, but now that ive lived there, I wouldnt have it any other way. If i would not have lived in the dorms, I would not have met most of the people I now know from school. I think it is a must for your first year of college to live in the dorms because it gives you the full college experience when your just getting started.


Nothing really comes to mind, except I wish it wasn't so boring at times.




I wish I had known more about the courses offered (in more detail).


my other options to financial situation


How to talk to girls, but so do most guys.


I wish I knew the town was boring and lame before I came.


That the more you stress the harder your life is....and never dont procrastinate


I wish I had known all the different majors someone could go into. There are so many different kinds that it's hard to just pick one and by taking so many general ed, classes, a student is able to better pick their major by focusing on what they are interested in.


How Much books actually cost


Nothing. I love it


I wish I would have known more about the school itself. I went to another college for my first year and it was the worst experience in my life. So when I moved closer to home and went to NMSU things began to turn around for the better. I love my school because it allows me to become more open with myself and find things that interest me as well. Its good to find a college that fits me so well and close to home too.


I wish I had been informed of the length of time it would take to earn a degree. I am burnt out and it is impossible for most people to graduate within the four years. You have to be on top your game and do your research before you get here if you want to make sure and be successful.


That I would be free as a bird the day I entered. That I wasn't as grown up as I thought I was. That I was more capable than I thought I was. That getting involved is a good thing, and spending your time with others is far superior to always doing what you'd prefer at the given moment - people know other people, and getting connected is awesome! That life doesn't have to be so serious all the time in some ways, but it's as serious as a heart attack in other ways.


How busy your schedule can get at times.


I wish I had known more about the clubs on-campus.