New River Community and Technical College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype of students at New River is that they are all ready to start their own careers and cannot afford to live on a campus like some students can. The college is located in a neutral spot so that students can get there easily and quickly from most any place in the county or out of the county too. The students in this school are known for their perseverance and hard work.


New River Community and Technical College is obviously a small town college. There are no stereotypes such as jock or cheerleader. The only stereotypes that may exist is students who weren't smart enough to get into larger, well-known universities or people who are going back to college after having children or dropping out. There are actually many recent high school graduates that attend New River CTC to earn their degree or to begin a degree they can transfer on because is it economically smart.