New River Community and Technical College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I will be attending the New River Community and Technical College that my county and state has built on the reclaimed land of a previous strip mining site in Beaver, West Virginia. This will be my first semester at the new campus since I am transferring from Concord University in Athens, West Virginia. In the few trips that I have gone into the school it is so nicely built and kept. The grounds that it is on are still growing back since the school is no less than a year or so old and the building is beautiful. The staff that I have talked to in the Financial Aid off and Student Center have been very helpful and nice. When I was making my new schedule for my first semester at New River, the lady that helped me make my schedule was very honest and helpful as well as knowledgeable about all the questions I had about the program I want to go into. I am going to attend New River Community and Technical College for their two year program for Physical Therapy Assistant. They are still in the works of getting all of their classrooms set up in order to work more efficiently for all the programs, including the PTA program. Until they are done, the classes that are to be held in the unfinished part of the school are relocated to another building in town not very far from the school at all. Overall I am already impressed with New River Community and Technical College’s professionalism and preparedness to get their school going so quickly. It also makes me much more excited to get my new degree so that I can get my own job and pay off my own past student loans. I need scholarships now to pay the differences of tuition because my Financial Aid has been taken up so much by Concord University and while I was there I never had any passion, but with New River I know that Physical Therapy Assisting will keep me inspired and prepared to take on every challenge.


New River Community and Technical College has made my first year as a college student enjoyable. The professors are professional, but they don't treat you as a number like you would be in larger institutions. New River CTC offers opportunities and the support that you need.