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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Approaching the end of my college career at this point, I often wish I could back in time to that final year of high school and tell myself to go to a university and pursue what I deeply desired instead of allowing fear to dictate my path. I'd further tell myself to not be afraid to venture out on my own. I've learned alot about myself since I first started college and it has been a very positive experience. Going to community college gave me a chance to dabble in different interests--literature, fine arts, business if given a second chance I would not squander my time I would explore these interests at a university. I'd also remind myself of the network of people I wouldn't want to miss out on meeting at a four year institution. I would tell my younger, naive self not to take for granted the oppertunity that was in front of me by wallowing in the fact that high schoold didn't go the way I wanted it to. All this said, I cannot go back. I can only move foward and make the most of what lies ahead.


I would tell myself not to get too involved with just hanging out with friends and actually buckle down OFTEN and get work done. Also, I would tell myself not to go home EVERY weekend and actually immerse myself into the college life and join clubs and get involved more academically. Don't do the bare minimum. Actually concentrate more in class on the lessons and lectures and not on what I was doing when I was done with class. Be prepared for the crazy things that can happen and learn time management better. Don't stress about too many things just take one at a time.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that I need to take the college advice more serious then what I did. Knowing what I know now about college then and now, I would have listened to the teachers more attentively and would have been more willing and open about the speeches that were given about college. I came from a small town, and college wasn't something the majority of people chose. I am the first out of my family to attend college, it has been a very fun, stressful, and challenging experience. In high school, I would have taught myself more responsiblity, self-discipline, time managment, and learn how to set priorities first because you only have yourself to rely on in college. I would tell myself when a task is due, it's due. You only have one opportunity to do it in college and no second chances. The advice I would give myself is to be more assertive, make thoughtful decisions, manage time and plan ahead, set goals to challenge myself in difficult courses, and overall take control of my education, results count!