New York Academy of Art Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College experiences have greatly impacted who I am. I have learned to be professional and an expert in my field. I have also learned to be well-rounded, knowing a little bit about a lot of other fields. College also taught me many things that are not learned in class; socalizing with a large communitiy of peers, the importance of staying active and physically healthy, the opportunities that exist in the world. College encouraged me to travel, to live in a foreign culture. I seized that opportunity and lived in a Spanish culture for months. I learned a new language, and a new way of living life. College has given my the opportunities to see life through many different lenses, and this is what I think makes college so valuable. Seeing life from different perspectives gives one a broader worldview; an understand of how life is lived by other people. I wish to continue finding new ways to view the world, learning new things, and gaining new expertise that I can use to encourage others to do the same.


i have learned alot in my college experience and it showed me what the real word is like. I can become who i want to be now and proceed by chasing my dreams at New York Film Academy. I will become the man I want to be by being successful in this field of work.