New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan Campus Top Questions

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New York Institute of Technology is a very career focused university. It holds many career fairs as well as classes that teach students how to write a resume, job search and develop interviewing skills. They strive to have students prepared for the job market with internships and numerous career-building seminars. They also continue to have companies visit to talk to students as well as alumni’s and professionals from different careers.


The uniqueness about my school is that students have a one on one chance with their professors.


It offers a hands on architecture program that gets kind of repeditive at times.


You can start any club you want. You only need 10 people and some great leadership!


The architecture program in this school is excellent, and you tend to meet students from different parts of the world. It is also known as one of the top global schools, since there are campuses all over the world such as bahrain, UAE, Jordan, China, Canada, and South korea.


Location. I picked this school because i enhoy the city atmosphere.