New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Student's interested in technology and degrees in science should attend this school.


The kind of person that should attend NYIT is someone who doesn't need a large campus. NYIT's campus is all of NYC and it takes a person who loves to explore and meet a large range of different and new people to love this school. People who attend this college aren't constantly looking for parties and find fun in different types of activities, so if partying is their thing, this isn't the school for them.


someone who plans on transferring


Someone who loves living in the city and likes to explore and try new things. There are hundreds of restaurants and shops everywhere. The School itself is located in the upper west side. It is close enough to midtown for all the sight seeing. and it's right in a section that has one of the best reputations. There is a view of central park from most school rooms. The teachers are brilliant and are really good at connecting with the students. There are usually 20-25 per class. There is a wonderful modern library with high-tech equipment.


Someone wanting to learn a technical trade such as engineering or computer science.