New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that is not prepared to study or give 100 percent to his /her education.


A person who feels that they dont need to put a lot of effort into doing their work. Its not like high school where you can sit in the back of the classroom not do your homework and pass the class just cause you barely pass a final. You actually have to work your butt off here and professors have no pity either thats your work load something pretty bad has to happen to you or a family member for they to give a break.


People that do not like the fast pace city life. The school is somewhat small, there isn't a big place to meet like a huge cafeteria. We do have a student activites lounge. But most people like to go out to eat. It's not that hard to find good food for a reasonable price.


no one, the school is mixed with different kind of people


student to has to pay for things on their own, it's very difficult to work full time and go to school full time to afford living in new york city and going to a private university, although financial aid helps.


Someone whp is technology based and loves fast pace learning.


Any person who wants to lead a better carreer-oriented direction in his or her life. Adults or graduated high school kids can make a difference in attending my school because they will be making a difference in their future for sure. The school offers a great deal of help and support in achieving degrees and graduating in four years' time. Again, any person who wants to plan for their future can take a step to studying at my school and get their degrees through undergraduate or graduate degrees.


Someone who cares alot about how well known their school is.


I believe anyone can attend my school unless they are unsocial.