New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that this experience is going to be hard. That education is one of the most important tools, you will need to be successful. Please stay focus and volunteer and work as hard as possible. Make yours and other people dreams come true! That it will get better. AND YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERNENCE! P.S. Thank you for listening.


Study, study, study. Organize your time and realize it will only be 4 years to prepare you for a lifetime of a career.


Before you graduate and walk on that stage, never forget what you accomplished here. This is your realm and this is the last time you'll step foot in it. The world is scary and adventurous, and the excitement, learning, and living begins once you step foot out of that comfortable realm. Make sure to surround yourself with great people and mentors, people that will be there when you can't get up. Be open to everyone and everything you encounter. The new realm you just stepped in has just gotten even bigger. Now you need to know how to grasp this new realm and squeeze every opportunity you can find. This road is a struggle and is a long path to take, but never lose sight and motivation of why you entered college. STAY MOTIVATED!


The advice I would give any high school senior or myself is to be on time, get organized, get involved, be open, and remember your values. Being on time is something we always heard growing up, but gets over looked. A student should have time built into their morning routine to accommodate for any unexpected delays. Professors note the students who are early and on time and that can help your grade. Becoming organized doesn’t mean everything has to be spotless clean and put away. By keeping a simple notebook dedicated to writing down your homework assignments, times of your meetings, and writing your to do list helps someone stay focus through out the day and helps to eliminate the “I forgot” excuse since that is not acceptable in college. Getting involved, keeps you from getting bored, helps you meet new people, and has personal benefits. Being open to others around you is important because on every college campus there is diversity. It allows you to grow personally. Remember your values. In college at some point your values will be tested. By remembering your values, it will help you stay focus, stay true, and make the right decisions.


I graduated from high school in 2008, determined to enter the health field as a Radiologist. Yet, a year later as I was taking classes at a community college I changed my degree to English. Even though English had always been a strong point for me, I constantly battled back and forth between degrees of what I really felt passionate about. The one thing that I have always been passionate for is photography. Constantly I was discouraged by family members and friends to not attend an art school because they are "pricey" and "unreliable jobs". But in the end, three years later and nearly finished with my Associates, I decided to just go for what I love and that is Art. If there is anything I could take out of my three years of college so far, it would be to go for what I believe and just believe in myself. I shouldn't have let others get me down and just continued to do what I thought was right in the end. Always believe in yourself and if you have the mindset to do what you love, you will succeed.


New York Institute of Technology like any college has its high points and its flaws. Being a graphic design major, I have learned a lot about my career path from my professors. They care about each student and hold classes as a place were we can be professional. Professors connect with each student allowing us to ask questions freely and learn more that way. The campus is close to the heart of Manhattan allowing for great employer opportunities as well as artistic inspiration. From all of this I have gotten better at graphic design as well as drawing. I have learned more about what my career entails as well as how to get a job in my field. I now have a resume and have had several interviews for internships and recently got an internship opportunity. I have learned more about myself as a person as well as a designer and I can thank New York Institute of Technology’s professors and staff for that.


College has taught me how to be responsible, focused, goal oriented, ambitious and has aid me and impacted me to be able to affect peoples lives through the empowerment of knowledge. A college education is the most valuable opportunity for an ambitious individaul.


I have gotten a better understanding of architecture and how difficult this course is. as for value, it is a little overpriced and a majority of the people that attend NYIT Manhattan campus end up transfering.


I would take advantage of the guidence counselors and try to have a least B average. I would apply to the best schools, student grants and scholarships because schools tuition are very high. Once I start college, I would concentrate on the general classes first because most of the student tend to change their major on the first 2 years at college and therefore I would not have to waste time and money.


If I could go back to my high school years and speak to myself I would have a serious heart to heart moment. Being young and put into a new situation there are a lot of obstacles and distractions that come up that can sidetrack you due to the illusion that if you would be missing out if you don't give in. I would try to advice myself not to let my relationships with other people to affect my school work. Although caring for someone else is nice and can have its ups it usually requires a sacrifice and academic excellence should not have to be the trade off whether its intended or not. The most imprtant thing must be to stay on track with your career goals and doning everything possible to achieve those goals.


Hello high school me, I know that your a hard worker and that your grades will be fine but do remember to have fun. College is a chance to make friends and take part in activities that can help others so do so. Studying is ok but you must enjoy this time also. I am not saying to slack but keep a balance of work and fun then you will truly have fun and enjoy your college experience. Except for that you?ll do fine and remember to see the sights around your campus your in Manhattan so close to Times Square explore, see Broadway plays go to museums experience the culture and art that makes New York so great.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to apply to all scholarships. Getting scholarships would help me pay down high colledge costs. I would tell myself to find out how much college really costs so I could budget carefully and know what to expect to pay. I would also tell myself not to be affraid to look at any types of bills, so I could bravely confront and tackle all debt within my budget. Furthermore, I would tell myself to fully understand the financial aid process and how it could help me pay less for college, and to get into colleges that I could realisticly afford with the amount of scholarships and aid I would have obtained. As for what I would tell myself on what course to study, I would tell myself to try courses out to discover what I am interested in but be carefull not to stay in a course that does not suite me because it will cost me to start over in a new course of study. I would also wish myself the best of luck toward my accademic success and future.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say to be more open to other people and to volunteer more. To be successful in college I had to change a lot as a person. Everyone is so different and the only way to have a good time is to learn to accept other people's differences. You actually find these differences are an amazing thing that makes everyone stand out. Their differences are actually what makes you love them as much as you do. Giving back to everyone and your community is also something I learned to appreciate. Helping people really makes you feel good about yourself. Don't volunteer because you have to, but do it from your heart. It makes your experience worth while.


The workload, especially in pre-med, is tremendous. So, procrastinating is a number one danger a student's ability to handle the workload and stress.


I would say to look into the location of the college and see which environment you fit into because that does play a role in how you enjoy your college experience. The best thing to do is ask students who already attend the institution how the college is instead of asking the faculty, because it will be useful in learning from students personal experiences. Joining clubs and organizations is the best way to get involved and it helps create a great network of friends. This is a great way to use your free time as well because you can do something to improve the areas within school and also voice concerns of the entire student body. Always remember to think through every single decision you make. Although people may say "your still young, you have time" thats a way for you to waste more time. And finally always have good supportive friends and family. Even though college is the time you try to become indepepndent you will always need good people to surround youself with because these will be the people who can give you comfort when you need it the most.


Don't pick a college because of it's convenience. College is the time where you learn how well you'd be able to make it in the real world before you actually make it there. You have time to mess up and fix things, figure out what you're doing wrong, so by time those 4/5 years are over being in the real world shouldn't be such a big deal.


When trying to find the right college, you find all the schools that interest you. And then you begin with narrowing down the option with what has your major, and if it is financially available for you if not check out financial aid, and class preference (wheter it is small or big). When the school is picked out you must enjoy every minute of it even if it is staying up doing homework, and being in class. Also students must also find fun things in their school and friends. Never miss an opportunity, like if your class has a trip to a musuem go becuase you may learn new things you never knew. Enjoy college because it goes by so fast your going to wish you can do it over.


I think that all parents and students need to find out as much as they can about every school they are interested in. It is never to early to start gathering information from friends, teachers, guidance councelors, newspaper or magazine articles, etc. It is also a very good idea to visit schools while they are in session so you can really get a feel for them. If you know someone, who is a student at a particular school you may be interested in see if you can actually stay with them for a day or two to try out dorm life and get a really good idea about the campus. Talk to as many people as you can. The more you know the better your chances of making the right decision for you. Everyone is different and what might be right for one person may not be right for you.


The one thing people should do is reasearch as much as you can by using online websites. Then narrow down your selection until there are a few that you are willing to visit. Take the tours and ask alot of questions about everything ( you might want to think of a few before the tour). Bring paper to write information down. Ask the students how they like it there, are they involved in extracurricular studies or a sports team. Then get into more specific questions like "If I were to join a varsity team, is it hard to keep up with a standard workload?" and so on. It's really not that hard once you get started. If you need more help there are hundreds of books at bookstores and libraries. If you think you have made the wrong decison you can always transfer in the spring semester. You shouldn't put applying aside until the last minute or you may make the wrong decision. You could start by looking at a map picking out what you like best (cities or a giant campus or even a small private school). It's all up to you, try to make it fun!


always look for a place u like and feel comfortable in.


look at your options before making a decision


I would tell parents and students to search for the right school atleast by early junior year, giving the student time to choose the correct atmosphere they would like to live in. Also it would be a good idea for students to get used to living on their own, because they won't be living in their parents' house any longer they will be out in the world facing real problems and society, and financial issues, on top of getting an education. Most importantly time management, and remember college isn't "the real world", yet, that comes after.


To make the most of your college experience, choose a field that you are deeply interested in. Your college experience will be much more positive experience when we connect with others who share the same interests. In the end, networking with others will be one of the many rewarding experiences when you gradaute.


The best advice to parents and students seeking the right college would be to search thoroughly. Look at every aspect of the school from academics to financial aid and tuition, to extra curricular activities. It is very important to visit the campuses and get an idea of how there Career Center is because it is definitely helpful to know how helpful the college will be when it comes to graduating and getting job placement assistance. Visiting the campus and talking with students will give both the parents and the students a feel for how friendly the professors and current students are. Try going to an open house so that you can get a guided tour of the campus! Be very thorough, it's super important!!


Finding the right college for yourself is vry important and very difficult. When choosing the school i wanted to attend i made a list of all the pros and cons. It toke me a long time to decide but in the end i made the best decision based on how i felt not about anyone else. I think its important to chose where you want to go based on your own opinions not the ones of others.




I would advice them to go to orientations of schools to discover whether or not different schools have good resources for them go to because these resources like the net library in my school make up the most out of finding things on my own about my major. Plus, I find out that all of my tuition money have been spent well when I use these resources during the school year and onwards. I want to advice them to research on the environment or where the school is located because knowing that as a commuter I can take the subway straight to my school, it makes me satisfied at the easiness of it all. Also, the convenience of the location of the school can be that it is next to a church where I can visit upon my arrival at school everyday or so. Or the fact that location of the appeals to diversity makes me certain that I will not be bored because I can walk outside and enjoy this diversity. In addition, I would advice them to find out if the school has any emergency plans or how the school provides to the safety of the students.


Ask currently enrolled students what they think about the school. Not those at orientation and club fairs but regular students.


Pick a college that has a good multitude of major and options for minors or double majors.


Finding the right college involves visiting campuses and choicing the college that would best suit your personality. Colleges should be picked based on how comfortable you feel there and by what is surroundig the college. it is also important topick a school that has the major that you want to be in. in general, a college should make students happy and have the right amount of study and fun because teens should still be able to enjoy not quite being an adult. In the end, i would say that a college has to feel like it could be an extension of your home and it has to have the right feel to it.


You should search or google for the best colleges that fit in the majoy you are looking for or deciding to study. Aside from that, make your college as your humble home and do all the best you can and try to find your right people or crowd you're around, dont fall in the wrong crowd..


Decide what you like before you decide where to go. It will help you decide on the best place. Money is a huge factor, and not being able to afford school can be frustrating but hopefully worth it in the end.