New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The Old Westbury campus has a more variety of professor teaching a certain class. The Manhattan campus has a limited amount, especially for organic chemistry.


I wish I had known more about the teaching standards of this school. It is not that great and professors here dont really help much. especially in the architecture program we ar not really taught anything here. Students are left to figure out things on thier own


Because we do not have a meal plan I wish I knew better how to cook. I also wish I had been better prepared for the amount of work it is to maintain the grade point average I want to have.


I wish I would haved saved more money to live in the city, so I wouldn't have to work during the school year.


i wish i would have known that cuny schools had better programs for less money.


NYIT is a comuter school with no real cafeteria or lounge space, especially for the architecture students. There are only a few extracirricular activities and these are small because most people dont stay on campus long. Most of the activities are in Old Westbury which also tends to get most of the attention and money. If you plan to spend alot of time on campus be prepared, its snd the stores nearby are expensive.


I wish i knew how difficult it would be to pay for school even with a scholarship that grants me half the tuition.