New York Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Imagine going to school in an indoor private race track. That was the school of architecture, where horse bays became studios and the track housed the central core of the facility. New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) Old Westbury took the dilapidated estate of Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney and created an internationally recognized center for higher learning, by creatively casting new uses in the many buildings on the Long Island compound. The expansive estate beaconed all to study there, with reminders of a gilded past, and promises of an educated future.


NYIT is akin to “idea centers” around the globe where commerce, culture, intellectualism, and academics come together. These locations function as a unified &emdash; but heterogeneous &emdash; whole, offering shared experiences and educational opportunities to all students and faculty. This redefining of the global university is at the core of NYIT’s mission.


My school is fun, racially diversed, and challenging at sometimes.


A comfortable yet challenging environment that provides students with the resources to gain knowledge, training, and understanding on various topics of study.


This school is very serious, maybe a little too serious. Hopefully it pays off afterwards and makes me prepared for the "real world".


Not a good investment


Ellis of NYIT is a positive, rewarding school of excellence!


A school that will get you to the career that you want but, it will not give you the best social life.


This school is below average


My school has very nice green laws but old buildings.