New York Institute of Technology Top Questions

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The one thing that seperates NYIT from the rest is the lack of school spirit. Due to several factors, such as majority of student commuters, lack of school success in sports, and quality of the school's name, many are not proud to have gone to NYIT. I was not proud at first, but because of my own endeavors I became proud to be at NYIT.


we have a 7 year combined BS/DO program and a good architecture program


The people that I go to school with make it feel like home, and i feel like at other schools you can't get this feeling of being welcomed and comfortable.


Small classses.


Ellis University of New York Institute of Technology is exciting and rewarding. The staff at Ellis of NYIT are extremely educated and very helpful with all of a students academic needs. The learning materials are well planned and very helpful even for students that have not attended school in a long time. Ellis of NYIT make it their business to attend to every need of the students in every way. NYIT offers so many programs especially for distance learners.


They have other campuses to offer other than the one I attend.


Our school is very relaxed and has a very diverse atmosphere. It is like our own town.


The mixture of races and looks of the campus.