New York Institute of Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Career decided and extremely focused


A person who is career focused.


There are so many different major for anyone to attend this school.


I very career driven serious, mature person. This is not a big party school. The dorms are not on campus. Good thing I am living at home and going to this school or I would be incredibly bored. Never heard of any parties going on.


peole who are interested in osteopathic medicine, medical field, architecture, business, nursing, and engineering


Individuals who do not work or have a flexible schedule.


Anyone who wants a school geared towards having a career.


some one of indian decent someonw who purses atrchitecture, nursing , and engineer


Someone who is dedicated


I feel that for a person to succeed at this school and find a job in my field (Communication Arts), it must be more luck than anything, or at least that is all I've noticed so far. A person who wants a more comprehensive education with a better chance at getting a job later on should be a medical or architectural major. The programs for those majors are really well structured. As for the kind of person, I think it lies more with the merit of the program than the actual person enrolled in it, on a success level.