New York Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that the professors are helpful and really want to assist motivated students to succeed. This is comforting since it allows students to set high goals for themselves and provides them with ambition. The learning experience allows students to not only memorize, but also fully understand the subject they are studying so that they feel a deeper connection to what they learned. This helps since even little things learned serve a better purpose than just answers to exam questions, but they serve as knowledge for everyday life. This learning environment is stimulating and exceptional.


Small classes, for those who want to learn more and get the most from their professors.


The best thing about my school is the job network they have for us when we graduate. This is the reason why I stay. With the economy in the terrible state that it is; I feel more secure knowing that as long as I continue to do well in school, I will most likely walk out with a job. That security keeps my stress level way down when I think about what I am going to do after college.


The BARCH program offers small classes taught by distinguished faculty. The design studio classrooms become a second home, and your fellow classmates become your family away from home. It is not rare to turn a corner and stumble upon an intellectual analysis on the latest trends in the field, or a particular project just recently discussed in class. Students and professors integrate, and learn together.




new computers


The different ethnicities because it allows students to learn about others values and the way that they view life. It allows students to be more open minded and interact with others.


Since I have been a student here I have been able to accomplish more acedemically than I have ever have before. I have also been able to envolve myself in many school activities and were an activity did not exist I was able, with the help of friends and faculty, to start that activity, for example a chior and a national sorority. There seems to be a lot of support for us, as students both academically and socially.


The friends i met and how it is close to home.


The teachers definately. The teachers at this school are inelligent, experienced and there to help you and they make that very obvious from day one.


I believe that NYIT is a great school for everyone, because there are many great careers to choose from for your future.


The architecture program, it is really good and very enlightening. Those who do try to get into school community though sga and fraternities are good friends and do a lot for the school