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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back to myself as a high school student, the advice I would give about college life and making the transition to college life would be to pick a goal, stick with it, and eliminate any distractions. While I was attending college, I changed my major a handful of times due to life distractions, costing me time and money. By sticking with one major that I feel might be the best fit for me while matching my long-term goals and hobbies, I would have been able to complete my degree earlier, allowing me the best opportunities available at the time. With shifting economies and hiring requirements, many distractions caused me make such drastic changes in my program of study; altering my short-term goals and I lost focus of what my long-term goals were. By eliminating personal, educational, and life distractions, I would have been able to meet my educational goals earlier. Seek advice from a respected mentor, ask personal questions and allow that mentor to help you find your short-term and long-term goals. This in turn would help the younger me pick a goal, stick with it, and eliminate any distractions.