New York University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


New York University stern school of business has an exceptional finance program. The connections are great. The academic focus is good. The lack of a unified campus lessens the campus/community, but it can easily be corrected if you are outgoing.


A global university that allows students to grow by exposing them to the various people, cultures, and ideas of the World.


New York University is the place to be if you are seeking to learn from others that are different than yourself and to gain a better perspective on life and the world.


New York University is overall challenging and requires a student who is willing to carve out a life for themself in such an overwhelming environment.


NYU is packed with phenomal opportunies in any and every sense as well as small, tightly-knit communities-- all in one of if not the most exciting city in the world; however, it can get hella lonely and dealing with the university itself as institution looking to bleed you dry of your money and sanity can get frustrating.


NYU is like no other university when it comes to its inherent ability to prepare for the real world.




NYU is a great school with a great education, in one of the best cities in the world.


NYU is a gateway to local, national, and global communities.


A welcoming and diverse intersection of people and ideas.


New York University is essentially a miniature microcosm of New York City as a whole; thousands of diverse students swarm around Washington Square Park during the day, coffee and umbrella in hand, eager to get the most out of their education at a rigorous, urban, research-focused university located in a global city teeming with opportunities in business, technology, and the arts.


NYU is a haven of learning set smack dab in the middle of one of the most vibrant and diverse cities of the world.


New York University is an institution that does not discriminate against any personal views but rather embraces individuality and creative expression.


New York University is for mature students who are ready to work hard towards a goal.


big big buildings


A school mural splashed with intense color, each so distinct and vibrant, though somehow the colors merge into perfect unison, creating a body of artistic intelligence, purpose, ambition, and academic success


NYU helps you grow up fast because it's the real world disguised as a school.


New York University is a diverse community of motivated, passionate students and staff that creates an environment for unique development and opportunities in one of the world's most influential cities.


The best place to learn for the liberal minded and forward thinkers on the East Coast, period.


NYU is a liberal minded think tank where all kinds of people can mingle in the greatest city in the world.


New York University is a school where every dream is fostered, diversity soars, and independence is attained.


The myth that NYU thrives on diversity, diversity, diversity is 100% true.


If there is something you're set to do, why not be in the place where it's happening.


NYU is huge, but you easily find a community within the student body and that community becomes your home.


NYU offers its diverse student body numerous opportunities to both gain a valuable academic education as well as explore the vast culture of New York City.


NYU is an acamedic school that is in and part of downtown NYC; there is a strong focus on research and a career goal, but there are many who enroll without any idea what they want to study or what career would be ideal for them.


New York University is a fantastic school for a variety of majors because there are so many choices and so much variety in teachers and styles of learning; the school's main focus is to make you into a professional in whatever field and on whatever road you choose to go.


Even though New York University tries its best to have students interact with one another as often as possible, the university can be described as an isolated school. Most students attending NYU agree that everyone is only focused with his or her own work. Most students do not enjoy the idea of sharing notes. Anything that will entail receiving better grades will be praised even at the cost of having a social life, thus isolating each student to their own studies.


New York University is built to help independent and success-driven persons achieve their goals through unique opportunities that one cannot find elsewhere.


NYU is an enormous small town, full of barefoot artists and committed thinkers.


New York University is a global university seeking to educate the leaders of tomorrow in all fields from Business to the Arts and more.


NYU provides amazing opportunities because it is unfortuantely run like a corporation.


Culturally diverse and has an abundant of resources available to experience the school and the city, i feel at home here!


New York University is a libral, thriving, urban environment with a great reputation and a strong focus on quality education.


NYU is a liberal arts university that is best for students who are independent, focused, and highly artistic.


My current tuition for the Spring 2010 semester at New York University is $17,241, yes, but I know my future is worth it.


You get as much out of this school as you put into it, it is completely up to the students to make it.


Due to all of the resources and its convenient New York City location, NYU is a liberal arts students dream.


NYU is a diverse, unique and talented university with thousands of opportunities which offers its students a truly distinct college experience in the capital of the world.


NYU is a lively, sometimes crazy place to be but it has so much to offer if financial issues were never a problem.


it is a competitive career oriented school.


It is a rigorous, urban school with dedicated students and professors and amazing facilities.


NYU is a large, diverse, and academically driven university with a liberal student body and intelligent professors.


NYU is very a exciting, depressing, fun and busy school.


NYU consists of very independent individual who are strongly determined to succeed in life.


NYU is the dream school where: you wake up every morning and revel in the fact that you go to NYU, the meaning of communal bathrooms is lost, a normal Welcome Week activity is "Guess the Straight Person", you can truly find classes and majors (i.e. "Evil" or "Underwater Basket Weaving") tailored specifically to your interests, adventures and opportunities are easy to access (unless you find yourself blocked by a film set), and summer vacation is truly the worst part of the school year.


NYU is a liberal school in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world surrounded by people from all over the world.


Its a good combination of acamdemics and social life.


New York University is more than a school: it is a lifestyle.


NYU is unlike any other school; it's exciting, it's demanding, it's unique, it's challenging, it's fun, it's a great university...but it's up to you to make it your own.