New York University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


the amazing access to new york city and the strength of its research/arts/business programs. this gives you resources for extra curriculars, as well as your future career and research. It also makes you grow up a little faster: it truly is a school amidst a bustling city so there's no sheltering from the 'real world.'


NYU is best known for its drama and film schools (Tisch School of the Performing Arts), the philosophy department, and the Stern School of Business.


Business and Film school are NYU's area of expertise and prestige. It's also known for being very liberal, expensive, culturally diverse, and overrated.


I think it is best known for being the number one dream school in the United States as it is a top academic school that is located in downtown Manhattan.


NYU is best known for the access it affords its students to almost any professional arena. This is related to its location in downtown Manhattan.


Being in New York City.


NYU is known for its incredible diversity. It is a very open minded school win regards to sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, and individuality. The city is our campus, so while there is not a lot of unity or fraternity among students, everyone can find a niche. The school is excellent at preparing students for life post-university. The school is extremely liberal.


Known for artistic program, known for the location in Manhattan.


Business at Stern, Film at Tisch, Law, and Music @ Steinhardt


It's lack of a real campus. Which is a very good aspect.


NYU almost can't be described as one entity. We have schools devoted to art, business, social work, etc. We have students who fit almost every point along any spectrum. As a whole, though, I think NYU is best known for as a place of privilege and prowess, opinions and activism, and expansion and 'improvement' (depending on how you look at it). Though, whether you hate it or love it, I think everyone agrees that NYU is a completely unique undergraduate experience in terms of locale and social environment. We also tend to attract the token former child actor!


It is known for being the '#1 Dream School'.




My school is probably best known as a fantastic city school with strong programs for every single major - from Business to Arts. It is known as being the top "dream school" in the country - and it definitely deserves the name. It's like a dream come true.


Because I go to NYU's film school, I'm going to go ahead and say their film school, haha. The Tisch School of the Arts has been cranking out successful members of the industry year after year, with no loss in momentum in my opinion. You have the flexibility to choose your specialty, so between my core group of friends, we are each experts in particular fields, and it's nice to know that there are people you know that are good in every aspect of production.