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Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

There isn't much of a sports scene at NYU. We don't even have a football team. The true NYU mascot is also questionable, because at first I thought we were the "Violets"--yes like the flower. Now I think we are the Bobcats since that is what walks around during the games. Although sports aren't very big, it is still fun to go to the sports games. One of my good friends is on the guys volleyball team and I've been to some of the games to show my support and they are surprisingly fun! Every season there is one game per sport that is advertised by NYU and everyone that attends gets a free T-shirt and free food. The one that I went to was catering Qdoba, like Chipotle but better! The stands, although small, were packed and it was a really fun game. NYU also had intramural sports teams, which are a blast. I played on one of the volleyball teams, and I went to some of the basketball games to see my friends play. I highly recommend playing intramural sports, especially if you were an athlete in high school.

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Eh. If you're looking for a BIG sports school, NYU may not be the right school for you. Due to our unconventional campus, there isn't going to be home football games, or anything. There are sports teams, however, if you are looking for an extracurricular. People are definitely athletic. It's just not big as a school thing compared to everything else. There are also intramurals for people who don't want the commitment.

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