New York University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are highly creative and motivated individuals who seek careers in filmmaking.


My classmates are a reflection of the diversity of New York City; they hail from every different background and location imaginable with their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and personal characteristics being equally as diverse.


There are the classmates who are vibrant, brave, compassionate, smart, and driven people; and there are the classmates who are self-centered, inconsiderate, fake, shallow, and privately desperate--NYU attracts 'em all, so does NYC.


Although some of my classmates don't seem to fit into a school like NYU, their hard work ethic and level of intelligence say otherwise and in terms of competition, keeps me on my toes.


The girl in my Narrative Investigations class will one day be my lawyer, and the boy in my Business of Artist Management class, well, he'll be producing my records.


My classmates are intellectually and characteristically diverse and yet very down-to-earth people.


I am studying in English Major in University in Thailand. I have mamy classmates but there are only 4 people that I really close to. We always take care of each others. I love them ^^.


They seem to only care about themselves.


They are go-getters but they are very careful of whose toes they tred on to get where they want to go, and sometimes suffer due to the semantics/logistics/realities of their goals.


Extremely varied.


NYU's student body is very homogenous. You can categorize most of the student body by these few labels: J.A.P. (Jewish American Princess), theater student, hipster kid, grumpy Stern kid and dodgeball target. That's probably the funniest thing about NYU's core demographics. There are plenty of hot girls here...but the guys just are lacking in most departments. Being a guy, it sometimes makes me feel sort of bad for myself because I'm being lumped into the same category as some of these kids. Students are politically active in the sense that if someone were to say something a little politically incorrect, they make a huge fuss over it. You sometimes wonder whether they truly have political stances or whether they have just sort of accepted the liberal bias cookie-cutter that they obviously are. As someone who is independent, I tend to agree with the conservatives on campus (the few there are) over the liberal students because the liberal students are way too sensitive and will make a fuss about anything you object to.


NYU has a mix of students: rich, snobby, spoiled, inconsiderate, but also kind, caring, thoughful, and questioning.


My classmates are very intelligent, efficient individuals who are mostly outgoing and friendly.


No one comes to class in sweatpants.


Half business, 90% playful (I know it goes over 100 percent, but that's the way they are)


They are great people whom I can learn so much from.


My classmates are well-cared for upper-middle class free spirits with a love for being on stage and a strong mind inside their head.


my classmates are smart and ambitious, and tough competition


diverse and fascinating.


My classmates are intelligent, helpful, cooperative, and friendly.


So, so, so varied. It depends on your major. Some classmates fit into the stereotype of what you expect a particular major's students to be, others totally break the mold. If anything, most everyone seems like they have a purpose. Even if a particular classmate is not sure what they want to do (and there are many) they still have a clear purpose to discover what they want to do, and learn as much as they can on the way to doing so.


They are all very motivated and driven to do extremely well. Competition is pretty high as well.


Diverse, ranging from geniuses to "how did you get in here"s.


My classmates are fun, socialable, outgoing, and diverse.


My classmates were a lot like me. Motivated, hard-working and curious.


Open minded and willing to learn


My classmates are a diverse group from all over the world and from all walks of life, they are interested in business, the arts, humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, medical professions, and are very individualistic and focused on their future - even if some of them don't know what that looks like yet.


My classmates are usually very smart, very diffferent and very cool.


My classmates at NYU are ethnically diverse, intelligent, and career oriented.


My classmates are driven, excited, outgoing, adventurous, and always ready to try something new; classes matter to them but that isn't all--they're great, interesting people who love learning and can't wait to do something unexpected!


Intelligent independent driven dreamers striving to attain their goals.


Very friendly and easy to be around.


There are two kinds of students at NYU. The first kind are really smart kids who never bothered to study much in high school and didn't make excellent grades. The other kind are not particularly bright but very hardworking. They're the kind of people who eagerly answer rhetorical questions in class, hoping to impress.




diversified, helpful, friendly


Diverse, stong-minded, individuals who are eager to succeed and willing to learn.


My classmates are smart, friendly, but competitive. It keeps me focused on my goals.


Varies enormously from one person to the next.


My classmates are intelligent and career-focused yet sociable and fun.


My classmates are extremely intelligent and career-focused.


They're all full of potential and extremely talented.


Intelligent, career-oriented young people striving to create a fun, healthy, and wealthy future for themselves.


Douchebags who're there on their parents money and who waste the opportunity by getting drunk and/or high.


Variety of different people from different places with different ideas.


Very diverse and intelligent.


Most of them are laid-back and fun but focused, opinionated, and engage well in discussions.


Classmates at NYU are all passionate for something -- that's how they got here -- and attempt to incorporate that passion into every classroom discussion (in the best way possible).


Any student who identifies as conservative is bound to feel abused at NYU, as conservatives are looked down upon by the university. There is a preconceived notion that conservatives are homophobic religious zealots and war hawks. The open-mindedness that NYU supports does not extend itself to conservatives, for conservatives are just seen as wrong. No opportunity is presented for conservative students to argue or explain their opinions, as conservatives are just wrong, according to NYU philosophy.


There is a lot of diversity here, especially LGBT stuff, but I don't really have any experiences per se. I could see a jock feeling out of place here (but I know a few who like it) and a Republican (but there are the exceptions). Students wear what everyone else in the world wears. No one really interacts unless it's in a small class. There are not tables in the dining hall like in Mean Girls - it is very mixed - I feel like everyone who eats at the dining halls are in a rush to eat a quick meal and get somewhere else. Most NYU students are from the tri-state area, California, and Texas. I think most people here are pretty rich. Students are politically aware, but not really active, although everyone went to see Barack Obama when he came here. We are predominantly liberal. Stern people talk about how much they'll earn.


An incredibly diverse student body which is beautiful.

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