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What are the academics like at New York University?


My gen ed classes have felt easy, but I purposely took easy classes because I am a film student. The film courses are pretty cool, but it depends a lot on if you choose a good professor or not.




Almost all the professors are top-notch in their field and genuinely give a shit about you and your education. They want you to succeed. I'm in Film & TV Production and am very happy with my professors so far. They are always available to speak outside of class too. My classes are preparing me for the real world. It all comes down to networking!


For such a large school, I have been very impressed with class sizes. Besides the giant lectures, most professors know me by name and most of my classes have less than 30 students. Depending on your major, the academic course-load can be rigorous but that's why NYU has such a good reputation!


Some classes were small (10 students or less) while others were massive (150+). That said, some professors knew their students well, while others did not. Studying is a must at NYU. Professors make sure that you are on top of your studies with pop quizes, lots of homework and projects. I studied Nutrition in the Steinhardt's school of education and had a great experience. I feel capable of acquiring a good job in the field having graduated from the Nutrition program at NYU. My professors were over qualified and wonderful teachers. Students tend to compete with each other when it comes to completing assignments however this is a good window into how the real world may be, thus preparing you.


Many of the professors are seriously big name, major players in the field. They are borderline inaccessible, because they are very busy and tend to just speak on an incredibly complex level. A lot of them are very nice. There are definitely students who got away with doing very little, but for those who are willing to put in the work, there is no limit as to how much you can get out of NYU.




Professors will not know your name at NYU unless you want them to. You can remain anonymous in the crowd or go to office hours as much as possible and have them know who you are. Kids are always studying and class participation is usually minimal unless you're in a workshop-type class. Students are definitely competitive, but it's not impossible to succeed at NYU. Basically, the main thing is to be able to help yourself. There are many academic resources at NYU but obviously you will only benefit from them if you seek them out.


NYU is a prestigious school academically. The general introductory classes are quite large, but as you start to go into your major they get smaller. Whether the professor knows your name depends on how involved you are in the class and how much you participate. NYU classes are very focused on participation and discussion, which leads to many intellectual conversations, in and out of the classroom. NYU students also know how to have fun, though, and NYC is their, very large, playground. NYU students study a normal amount for the most part, but during finals week, everyone, and I mean everyone, is glued to their textbooks. Some students are competitive, especially in Stern, but not more than the ordinary overachievers. They may be competitive, but they aren't obnoxious for the most part. In Stern, most of the work is focused on excelling in your career, and the Wasserman Center (career center) is extremely helpful. The Wasserman holds many workshops on how to improve your resume and how to excel in job interviews. The professors have office hours every week and are always willing to help out their students.


The academics are taken very seriously here and the professors have extremely high expectations of their students. I am in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, and their structure has allowed me to explore all of my interests and take classes at all of the different undergraduate schools. Students are particularly competitive here, but with their careers and internships moreso than their in-classroom learning. The culture of this college is 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} geared towards getting jobs and kickstarting careers early on, rather than learning for the sake of learning; however, that type of mentality is also fine here and embraced as well.