New York University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Atlantic Acting School is a really good theatre program.


The thing I brag about most is the famous people, whether it be celebrity sightings or professors.


I tell my friends that it is an experience of living in the city with the support of college. You walk about of your dorm, which seems like an apartment and are walking in the streets of the city. The internships and connections are amazing and the student body is as diverse as you can imagine. It is the college experience with city social life.


New York University is unlike any school in the country. It has a culture, vibe and rhythm that is truly electric. It is the ideal place to have fun, explore, mature and grow.


I tell people about the various alumni that have attended and/or graduated i.e. Lady Gaga, John Paulson, Martin Scorcese, Alec Baldwin, Adam Sandler, etc.


I get to go to school in New York City! I come from a pretty small town, so being able to live in a city surrounded by a huge variety of people, places and culture is incredible. Also, I go to Tisch School of the Arts for flim & television, so I get to make movies, write, and do what I love.


The name, my major


New York University's campus is surrounded by the world's best art exhibits, theaters, museums and financial institutions, which offer a plethora of internship opportunities. The school's small student to faculty ratio allows for personalized attention, which could help create a stimulating class experience. It is also recognized for its diverse and challenging curriculum in its study abroad programs.


I tell them about how fortunate we are to have such a supportive community. The students, the faculty, the professors - it's simply a wonderful academic atmosphere to pursue your dreams, expand your intellectual horizons and create memorable experiences both social and self-reflective. I also tell them how great it is that we have so many resources at our disposal, ranging from an endless array of clubs/organizations, a kick-butt career resource center, a diverse religious/spirtual center, plenty of amazing campus discounts,various events with free food and a great student medical center. The list goes on!!!!


The professors - they are definitely not your average teachers. They do more than assign and collect homework. They are incredibly knowledgeable in their own fields. But they also inspire you in ways that make you a better citizen of the world as well as student in other classes. They raise your self-esteem and are funny, relaxed, wonderful people. Their students, including myself, fight to get them for another class in another semester. While everyone else complains about their boring professors, I brag about how great mine are and how much I am learning day by day.


Living in the city while recieving an education. It is hard living, but it is amazing when you have finally figured it out. If you have lived in New York City, you can live anywhere.


The campus is amazing.


How intense the courses are because it shows that I am actually learning and I actually have to work hard in order to accomplish the grades that I get. That I am actually working to achieve something in life and I am on the way to getting it.


My firenda and I went to the same school so we had the same ideas, going to the NYU provided the opportunity to go to a really good school in the city of New York where there are countless internships and opportunities to compete for.


That my specific program is one of the top in 4 programs for that subject in the country.


The creativity, artistic talent, trend setting diversity and uniqueness of each student. The overwhelming talent and unspoken competitiveness among the student body. How modern the teaching style is; how relatable the courses are to the present day which in turn allows each student to in someway form deep connections with it. How there are an array of learning options to choose from other than your typical sit-in classroom setting.


Year after year, NYU is either in the top three "Dream Schools" for American high school seniors if not at the very top of the list. And in my experience, it is for good reason. This may sound hokey, but I really do brag about what a great time I had in school. I brag about world-class professors and tell "Only in New York" stories. These stories would never have been possible without NYU's intentional design of the school and campus life to centered on the world's greatest city.


Unfortuntely i do not brag about the school I went to. I actually tell them that i felt like i was robbed of money due to lack of knowledge and lack of enthusiasm to helping a student advance. I tell them that with the exception of a handful of teachers that most are working for a paycheck, that money the school uses goes towards rebuilding the school rather than supplies to better educate, and that there are so many changes that the school is unable to keep up.


I love how awesome everyone I meet is. NYU attracts so many different people and has so many different areas of study that you really can meet all kinds of people. I've gone to an engineering school, so I actually know what it's like to be around people who all are majoring in similar things, and going to NYU, the diversity really does make college life much more exciting. Plus, we're in New York City. What's not to love about that.


That there are many opportunities and facilities available. Also, that it's very hard!


I talk the most about the wonderful professors that I have had so far. I have learned a lot from each and everyone of them. While their teaching styles vary, I have not found a problem with any of them up to date. Each professor that I have had has gotten me excited about the course and ready to learn the subject; engaging the class in different and creative ways.


Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and taking complete advantage of the city. Using everything around you to help you grow as a human, artist, and intellectual.


I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for the diverse student body and and real life city experience that being a student at NYU allowed me. I feel so lucky to have started my journey into adulthood at NYU.


When I tell my friends about NYU I probably brag about the study abroad program and the different types of courses offered that aren't seen at most schools. I remember last year there was a class on guitar hero the video game and my friends couldn't believe it. When I mention the study abroad program I am usually bragging about the wonderful places we get to dorm in such as the villa in Florence.


This school is great because of its location, in New York City. There are thousands of internships here that help beef up your resume and the career center at the school is good at helping you find them. I also feel like going to a school that is well known like New York University will help when applying for jobs. The location of the school also provides a great social scene, and can always keep you busy.


I brag about a school that uses its amazingly diverse, complex location as another educational tool. Living in New York City means that I have access to almost any cultural experience I could find, as well as a community with which to discuss it. I tell my friends how nice it is, in such a big city, to know all my professors by their first names, and to be able to have a coffee with them if I need to. NYU uses its size to make you feel at home, not alienated.


New York University campus is part of the city. Many kinds of people from all over the world. I have new friends as far away as CA, OR and FL. Many students are from out of the country. New York is such a big city, so much to see and do. I can walk out my dorm room and something is right there to do - book store, coffee shop, entertainment site, etc. I've seen famous people walking on the sidewalks, I've gone to a few music shows near by, I've been to Times Square, Central Park, etc.


The key bragging point about my school is that is is in the city. On any given weekend I can attend a broadway show or other performance with the discounted tickets provided by my school. There is never a dull moment, we have so many places to experiment with such as different cuisines at restaurants that it feels as though we are learning much more than could ever be taught in a classroom. In this way we can experience the vast culture of the city, and in a broader sense the country.


Honestly, I brag about the fact that I love it. Regardless of how many hours I have to put in, it's all worth it because the work in my field of study (acting) is the most fun thing I've ever done. It makes me want to pursue my career in acting even if it will be hard.


Well, before I actually got here, I bragged about the strength of the journalism program to which I had just applied. I still do, sometimes. But now, I mostly brag about the friends I've made, and the neighborhood I get to live in. I brag about The Village Voice being located like three blocks away, and I brag about my school taking me on a trip to Florence. So I brag a lot, apparently.


The area in which NYU is in is sorrounded by so many well-known celebrities and other famous people. There are also so many movies filmed around the area which make makes it a really attractive school. These two facts is something that I love to tell to friends and family.


Being able to attend college in the heart of New York City is what I brag most about to my friends. I am surrounded by a different city culture that enhances my education. The professors call upon aspects of the city and incorporate into my education experience. I have gone to the Met to complete a class assignment. Everything is at my fingertips. I am never more than a 5 minute walk from anything I need. There is a reason why New York City is called one of the greatest cities in the world.


Being a resident of one of the world's greatest city, New York City, is definitely a part of my school I would brag about most. The fact that New York University has the city as its campus draws me to it instantly. I get to walk around in the city, explore parts of the city that I may not have been able to if I was in a school with a gated campus. I love that I vibe that New York University creates with the city as its playground.


Bragging is definitely an overstatement with regard to New York University. Though someimes I can almost cut my friends' jealousy with a knife, I wouldn't say that there has been a time that I've felt a need to brag about NYU-- its reputation precedes it. Since coming here I've found that most people consider NYU's location to be unparalelled by most other schools. Attending a school "in and of the city" offers a student opportunities for countless jobs and internships and venues for exploring new interests. The challenge is making time to get out there.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag most about all of the motivated students and distinguished faculty I get to work with. Everyone at NYU truly wants to be there to learn and to expand their knowledge base. All the students know how to work hard while being able to let loose on the weekends. Students are also very open, always friendly and ready to make new friends. There is a multitude of student groups and activities on campus. Meanwhile, the fuculty loves their jobs and truly wants to impart their knowledge to students.


Friends are always envious whenever I mention having met or seen a famous actor, singer, or director traveling along the streets of New York City. Many well know professionals within the entertainment industry dwell, shop and perform within Greenwich Village and those whom are alumni of the school are also invited to give lectures and teach classes to NYU students. This provides great opportunities to meet and network with successful individuals within prospective career fields.


Most universites have a set campus, with the perimeter fenced in, Ivy growing on the building, and a "green" or central grassy area where students gather but at NYU we dont have that . Students walk out of the buildings and are smacked in the face by New York City. We're not separated from the rest of the world, we're a apart of it which in my opinon help students adjust to what the real world is like. How many students can say their dorm is on 5th avenue and they walk down Broadway to class?


Our facilities and Stern's prestige.




Our school has their own version of a debit card which is in the form of our ID cards. Our library is huge and always accessible, and all our dorm rooms have their own bathrooms instead of the corridor-style.


There are a lot of restaurants nearby, and so much around that nobody can get bored. You can always have visitors in your dorm and dining halls are so convenient. Soho is right nearby.


That it is in the center of manhattan and it can offer very inspriring classes with amazing teachers if you know where to look


The lack of "school spirit" and a football team; the urban environment and wealth of cultural, social, educational, and career opportunities in Manhattan and surrounding areas; an abundance of diversity and open-mindedness when it comes to individualism; notable alumni.


I do no sa much about the school.


The campus is ideally integrated into New York City, Washington Square is fantastic, I can't think of a place where I would more like to live. You can find literally ANYTHING here, any kind of person, any kind of scene, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Students are smart and culturally savvy and motivated. The cultural life is fantastic, and my social life is varied and glittering and wonderful.


I brag about the fact that we are in New York City. To me, New York is one of the most exciting places to go to school. I feel like I get to see all of the world in just 12 miles.


best for finance


The fact that I go to school in the city and all of the activities and opportunities that I am exposed to.


The location, there is nothing like living in New York City - Manhattan. I also brag about all the opportunities socially, academically, and professionally that can be found (if you look) at NYU.


I brag most about just living in the city and all the resources that are available me.