New York University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?






Too many people and not enough communication


Tisch students are quirky and a little loony. Stern students are snobby, stuck up, far too competitive, stand-offish, and uptight. CAS students are "normal". one knows much about them. LSP students are stupid. The rest don't really matter.


Snobby, Independent, Overly career oriented, "liberal"


It really varies per school. CAS is generally labeled as emo/screamo kids from New Jersey. Tisch is considered to be mostly hipsters. Stern has it's asians. Gallatin kids are wealthy and lack direction. Steinhardt is pretty across the board. There's also the School of Social Work and the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, but honestly I don't really know anyone there. On a more broad scope, the student body is often classified as such: rich, gay, Jewish, from the Tri-State area, snobby, hipster-ish, unsociable.


That they're pretentious, a former child star, gay, hipsters and wealthy


Rich kids from the 'burbs. Girls who get up early to straighten their hair for class. Hipsters. Kids who take up smoking their second week of college because it's cool.


I'm not sure, but maybe a lot of gay guys and very social


Some of the main stereotypes are that NYU is vastly homosexual, open-minded, and radical.


Artsy and rich


rich and bratty


NYU students are artsy and lazy.


hipsters, guidos and everything in between


Hip, snobs, the guys are either gay or ugly,


rich, hipsters, lots of cocaine, shop at american apparel, business-driven


rich, gay, pretentious, artsy


Since the school is so expensive a common stereotype seems to be that NYU students are rich. Another seems to be that NYU students are pretentious.


We're all either super-rich and snobby or hipsters who don't shower.


That there are a lot of hipsters, quirky, cool kids. That there is a ton of diversity, everyone is an individual. That NYU doesn't have a campus, that people aren't friendly. That NYU kids are super rich and super smart. That going to NYU is like the golden key to any door, that you will be set for life.


Biggest stereotype, I think, is the idea that all students are pretentious "hipsters." I genuinely thought I'd have to purchase a whole new wardrobe and live an entirely new lifestyle coming to NYU.


People think we're all really smart and rich. That we live some sort of dream life in the city and that we're getting an amazing education.


The stereotypes that exist are definitely by school. Stern students are all about the money. Tisch students will all be waiters. Gallatin students don't really have majors. Steinhardt and the College of Arts and Science are a little too broad to generalize, I think. Undergraduate students of the School of Social Work don't seem to exist. And I can't keep track of any other schools. The guys are all gay (or soon will be), and the girls are easy.


A stereotype of NYU students in general is that they are all hipster-chic, wanna-bes who wear a uniform of black skinny jeans, a faded T, and ray-bahns. The stereotype of Stern Business School students is that they are Asian, wear suits, care more about getting ahead in the business world than, well, anything else at all. They all walk around with their backpacks that say which bank they work for. Tisch students are subject to the universal annoying theater student stereotype.


gay, rich, stylish, druggie, heavy smoker, Jewish, hipster, not friendly


Students are: rich, smart, highly competative, artsy, gay, Jewish, ethnically diverse, stuck up, etc.


That we're independent, alternative or artsy in some way, or pretentious.


Usually, I hear three basic stereotypes about NYU students- we're all either super smart, ridiculously rich, or overdramatic.


The men are gay and the woman are self-centered fashionistas. Uggs abound and that cute boy in your biology class? He's dating the equally adorable pre-med on his left. That slob in the corner is single, though.


All the kids are hipsters/indie, Tishies, Sternies, everyone's wealthy, we see celebrities all the time


Hmm. Well, stereotypes according to school - GSPers = generally stupid people, Sternies = asian nation, Tisch = artsy, and I don't really know much about the 10 other schools. Apart from that, everyone's rich and everyone's jewish. Communication majors are stupid.


-All of the men are gay -Everyone is artsy and interested in theatre -People are music snobs -The business students are all Asian


I think NYU is one of the most internally stereotyped universities in the States. My experience was that I sort of had a feel for how the school would be, but it wasn’t until I got to ‘welcome week’ and was not very subtly informed of all of the stereotypes by the desperate attempts of the programming to persuade the incoming freshman that they weren’t true. The classics are that all of the guys are gay, the administration doesn’t care, the classes are really hard, and the school is very, very liberal. I also heard some great stories about housing being unfair and that drugs were the new alcohol on campus.


We're all rich and stuck-up.


Everyone is into art. The sports teams may as well not exist because they suck. All the guys are gay.


The guys are all rich, metrosexual, Jewish, spoiled....and pussies. The girls...JAPs, sex-deprived, materialistic, and lucky.


That we are rich, snooty, coke-snorting assholes. Most people associate NYU with either the artsy students of Tisch or the money grubbers in Stern.


All the guys are gay. All the students are rich. There are a lot of Jewish people. Tisch students are pretentious. Stern students are amoral money mongers. NYU is a wannabe Ivy League.


-many people trying to be "NYC chic" aka live the lives of fictional characters -many hipsters -athletically challenged


That NYU is full of gays and jews and hipsters. That Stern is made up mostly of asians. That the school is full of people who were rejected from Columbia.


That they all have a lot of money and can spend it however/wherever they want


The business school students have the stereotype that they all wear suits to class and will be super rich by the time they graduate. The performing arts school kids students are thought of as starving artists and will not be very successful in life. It is thought that everyone else is going to be in debt and will not be as rich as the business school students. It is thought that everyone at NYU knows the Olsen twins.


Dramatic Actors/Actresses Gay boys in musical theatre Drinking in sororities and fraternities


NYU students are artsy, there is a large gay population, we're poor (as perhaps, all the college kids are), more girls than guys, Stern kids are ultra-competitive, Tisch kids are too sophisticated for their own good,


Its unfriendly, its competitive, full of artsy crazies, full of druggies, no school spirit


students are stuck up, over privileged, pretentious, the school is very competitive which gets in the way of camaraderie among its students the amount of work is unbelievable.


The stereotypes depend on which NYU school you attend. Sternies are known for being conservative, socially inept, boring, really smart people who wear suits to school everyday and only care about Wall Street [I am allowed to say this because I am in Stern :)] Tisch people are known for being super artsy fartsy, dramatic, weird and gay. Those are the two best know schools at NYU. The other schools fall in the inbetween category of sterotypes: rich, stuck up, fashionable, but still pretty typical young adults.


We're all beautiful, too cool for school, and partyers. We're hipsters, and wealthy artist-types, who care little about learning and all about culture.




The ones I've heard most frequently are Gay YU and NYJew. And then there are the stereotypes that exist about students in each school: Tisch kids are emo, suicidal, starving artists who whine and complain about life, Stern kids are cold, heartless, and money loving, GSP kids are stupid, and the Gallatin kids are in Gallatin just to skip out on the core curriculum classes.