New York University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Independent thinkers, who are confident with who they are and where they want to go in life.


NYU is for ether the really rich, or the strong-willed. For the really rich, it won't matter how or what they do. For the poor, you need a strong drive to succeed; this will overcome all the strife that NYC and NYU has to offer.


Liberal, independent, partier, businness orientated


Anyone who sincerely wants to engage the academic field in which they will be majoring.


A self-motivated, pro-active person seeking to better themselves by not only learning in the classroom but putting a strong focus on taking their learning to a higher level through real world experience.


An outgoing person who can adjust well to new environments and can stand on their own feet.


Who ever wishes to really learn about themselves.


Someone who likes partying, is very independent, and wants to skip the entire "college thing" and move straight on to living in new york.


Focused, driven, independent, brave, go-getter, extrovert, confident


I think the kind of person who should attend this school is for someone who a. loves NYC and b. wants to get a liberal (not as pretentious as Columbia) education.


Students that are extremely independent and driven should attend NYU. The city takes some getting used to and NYU does not have a campus.


You have to be confident in yourself and determined to do well because the school is extremely competitive. You can't be afraid to say what you think and have your own opinion. If you graduate from Stern, the diploma will be worth a lot and will help you get a job, but again, must be very focused and most students here major in finance with several marketing majors and some management.


independent, social, outgoing


Someone who loves big cities, a social person, but a person with academic drive as well.


Anyone who loves New York City, who would love to experience it. There's so much to do around here: theater, restaurants.. as long as you enjoy lots of people and the city life, you'll love it. You'll be able to meet all sorts of people. However, like 90% of colleges out there, most social events include a lot of drinking and drugs.


The person should be omeone who is free spirited and adventurous--or at least wants to be that way! It's a big move, to a BIG city, so anyone considering higher education in NYC needs to prepare themselves for some learning experiences and adjustment periods. The NYU student body is of every background and interest and belief. Your own opinions and beliefs will be put to the test and you'll be pushed to grow. NYU is for someone who is open, unafraid of adventure, willing to take intiative and who has an appetite for broadening their horizons.


fun, energetic, independent, hardworking, needs to like to go out


Someone who can balance priorities well, take absolute care of themselves (because no one else will), know how to ask for help, and be logical or intuitive which ever is appropriate at the time.


Someone who is an individual. They need to be self-relient and goal-driven. It isn't your typical university. You really need to take your education into your own hands. You also need to be open-minded, non-homophobic (because there are a lot, A LOT, of gay kids), and really ready to take advantage of the city. NYU = NYC.


The very urban-minded person, who enjoys a constant stream of new experiences and knowledge in their lives, would feel right at home here. The same person would have to be considered ambitious, and know how to balance work and play in order to keep up with the strenuous coursework while enjoying all that NYC has to offer. Also important is a strong sense of independence-NYU does not have the feel of a "college community", and a student would have to be very self-sufficient in order to manage their personal affairs, like a regular citizen of New York.