New York University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are extremely interested in college sports or dislike cities then you should not attend this school.


No one should go to NYU who isn't willing to accept other cultures, races, or different ethnic backgrounds. New York City is in one of the most liberal and unique ciites on the planet and NYU incorporates this atmosphere into the University itself. The University prides itself in its ability to attract people from all over the globe. There are students from almost every country around the world, all with different ideas, cultures, and characteristics. If someone isn't willing to live, and learn, from these different people, they should not attend NYU.


New York University is located in the heart of Manhattan, New York. If one does not bode well in a busy city, one should not attend the school. New York University is a "dynamic urban global research university whose students, faculty, and graduates generate new understandings and innovation for vital and sustainable communities within a complex interdependent world." It takes an adventurous soul to come to New York City and to be emerged in unique cultures both insiide and outside of the classroom. I also think the person should have thick skin to endure city life. No scaredy cats allowed.


Unmotivated students should not attend this school. The priveledge to attend NYU should not be taken lightly, and I have seen many students that did not really have to do anything in high school think that is how college is. Students need to understand that they need to attend lectures, hand in assignments on time, and look for extra opportunities to make the most of their college experience.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend NYU is someone who is hoping to go to a school with a close knit student body. They shouldn't expect a strong campus community because there really is no campus. The city is your campus. There isn't a football team so you will not be attending any games and the greek system is very small.


A person who is easily distracted. There's so much going on at all times and mixing that with all the new responsibilities you have could mean disaster for you academically. The city is a place where you can get lost because you decided to go with the flow instead of sticking to your guns. If you give into peer pressure, reconsider your decision.


Those that are scared at the thought of independence. You really need to be proactive at NYU, across all fronts - academically, socially, career-wise. This school is not for the faint-hearted who crave a social structure and things handed to them.


Those students looking for a college with a campus or renowned athletics program probably shouldn't attend NYU. Because of our location in the middle of Manhattan, NYU does not have a closed college campus, meaning that NYU buildings are next to restaurants and businesses, and not necessarily close to each other. Also because of our location we do not have any major athletic fields so school sports are limited - we do not have a football team! If athletics or a traditional-style campus matter, then NYU probably isn't for you.


People who aren't used to city life. NYU is smack-dab in the middle of the city. If you hate New York you're going to want to get out. Also, since NYU doesn't have a campus, the school lacks community. There is no homecoming or sports events that everyone participates. You need to be independent and not too community-oriented or you're going to get lost.


A student seeking a traditional campus-centered school life are unlikely to do well at NYU. The community and buildings are very decentralized, there is not a large emphasis on Greek life, athletics, or much school spirit. It is also not a great school for someone that is not 100% certain about their ability to pay for school, as the financial aid is notoriously bad and the cost of living in New York City is quite high.


people who do not make friends easily, are looking to sleep through class, don't like cold weather, and don't fare well in a busy, big city should not attend this school.


Someone lazy, close-minded, fat , dependant, uncapable or conservative.


Anyone who is very conservative and close-minded might consider elsewhere. This is a very liberal school, where students feel free to express any opinion or belief. Also, anyone who does not want to be located in the heart of the city should look at another university. NYU is in a great area, but it is very busy. It's New York City.


The only type of person I really think would not be well suited for New York University is someone who does not know how to be independent. Due to the large size of the university, it can be difficult to take advantage of all of the opportunities available to students unless you are aware of those opportunities or at least willing to look for them yourself.


NYU isn't right for someone who needs their hand held. You are in the middle of New York City and you will either love and embrace it, or want to transfer right away. If you want to truly discover yourself and what you're capable of, NYU is the perfect place.


If you do not have an open mind, stay away from NYU. There are so many opportunities at this school and they are all made so available to you, all you have to do is apply yourself and take them. If you don't keep an open mind, you will never find these opportunities and you will never learn to truely appreciate this school for everything that is offered.


NYU is challenging and only for students who are serious about their college career. This means that unmotivated students should not even consider it even if they have the grades to be admitted. The "campus" is really part of New York City, so students who do not like urban life should not consider it either.


This school is like its surround location New York City: a melting pot. Meaning all types of different cultures with different views and beliefs coexisting for the most part peacefully. So anyone who is narrow minded or uncomfortable in diverse cultures probably should not come here.


Someone unwilling to be self-reliant shouldn't consider NYU, as it is a large school in the most populous city in the country. In my experience, students here make their own opportunities by looking outside the classroom for jobs and internships in their desired fields. They also generally know themselves well enough to realize what kinds of classes - discussion or lecture, big or small - they prefer. They are aggressive in trying to get into a desired course, even if it is full. Anyone unable to take their education into their own hands would not succeed here at NYU.


People who are less socially outgoing, less flexible and willing to grasp opportunity should not attend NYU. Being in the middle of the city itself is a large part of the learning atmosphere; the curriculum requires that you push yourself to explore social boundaries and discover more about the part of the world you are living in. It is necessary to accomplish these things that a person be willing to step outside of his/her comfort zone and make efforts to meet new people, develop connections with city members and be open to absorbing everything the city has to offer.


Someone that is shy and introverted. There is so much to see and do - so many opportunities - that you need to go out of your comfort zone to take advantage of all the opportunities and to meet new people. Also, someone that isn't afraid of a big city like NYC.


The kind of person that should not consider attending NYU is one that does not take school seriously. NYU is a fabulous school and an amazing opportunity for serious students who want education and to create a career. Having students there that do not take education as seriously as others is an offense to every other student that works extremely hard for years to get where they are in present time. I find it highly annoying when I am surrounded by people who could care less that they have been accepted into one of the world's best colleges.


An extremely lazy person should not attend this school. Going to NYU requires a lot of walking, as the campus is spread out over many blocks, and a lot of work, as it is one of the top schools in the nation. One cannot simply remain in their dorm for much of the day or skip lectures, as professors are strict and demand perfection.


If you're not ready to be wrong, to make a mistake, or to be challenged to rethink your college ideal, don't bother going to NYU. I thought I wouldn't mind a non traditional campus, a huge student body, and the bustling city, but I was wrong. NYU has proven brochures and tours don't show you everything. Some students can't handle the idea that they've picked the wrong school, but it does happen, and your readiness to accept this and make the best of it could determine how awesome or dreadful freshman year will be.


A person who wants to be proud of what college they attend. There is no school spirit at NYU, so someone who isn't individualistic shouldn't consider it.


Students that lack independence should either learn to be more independent or look at different schools. N.Y.U. is a school that requires students to be very independent and self-efficient. N.Y.U. is also not a traditional college; it's very much integrated with the city. So students looking for the traditional on-campus college experience would not fair well here. One of my friends actually transferred this semester due to the lack of "traditionalism" on campus. But if you love the city, then N.Y.U. is definitely for you.


People that think New York City is the big ticket. There are no real big tickets (pardon my pessimism). People who have a problem with any type of establishment. Especially one that claims to be liberal and for the students. but in reality doesn't make many (at least public) efforts to do so.


someone who is looking for a fraternity/sorority campus like environment, dependent, and close-minded


I think with my university it's really hit or miss. Living in a fast paced environment like New York can be overwhelming . Also, the large student body may be a little overbearing to some. Overall, someone who is looking for a small campus and who strongly dislikes the city life should not go to this school.


Students unsure of what they wish to study tend to have trouble at NYU because most of the programs have very specific course requirements that are specialized to that degree. Social life is also difficult at NYU for shy students as the school, in general, doesn't have a real sense of community. Those who seek out clubs and organizations to join will find a more open social atmosphere, but most students tend to make friends elsewhere.


Any student that is not a hard worker and academically focused should not attend this school. If he or she is not self-motivated, focused, and dedicated to achievement he or she will not perform well at this school. Students looking for a school with a large greek life, a lot of school spirit, and popular sporting events (including a football team) should not attend NYU.


people who would get homesick, people who are more conservative, people who are not tolerant of others (racially, culturally, sexually-oriented, etc.), people who do not like the city, people who do not like a fast-paced lifestyle, people who prefer having a campus, people who prefer smaller schools


Those unwilling to put in effort.


Those who do not appreciate the city lifestyle. Those who do not thrive in environments wherein they must fend for themselves.


Prior to my arrival, I was told that it was easy to feel isolated at NYU - reasons being from the sweeping expanse of New York City as your campus to the fact that there is no such thing as football and tailgates; that it was necessary to put yourself out there and actively seek friendships. I transitioned easily, but NYU is usually not for those who find that fact daunting, wish to have a traditional college experience, or do not like the city/lack of campus (really, people who dislike the city still come here and then dislike the experience).


People who tend to be really introspective and can't make friends. People who need their hands held to get things done. NYU is a really big school, and everyone is really nice but you have to be a go-getter to make friends and to be active in the community.


Someone who is timid or shy, who is afraid to ask for help, who disrespects people, and is not completly focussed on their current and future endeavours will get buried alive.


Without strong independence, New York City can be too big a pill to swallow.


Someone who is unsure about their intellectual and career goals. Someone who wants to be at a small, cohesive, close-knit university with people like themselves. Someone who enjoys being surrounded by nature. Someone not entirely committed to the arts (music, dance, theater etc.) who wants access to an arts community. Anyone shy or insecure.


Students should avoid this school if they are quiet, uneasy sleepers, socially reserved, or uncomfortable in a big city.


Someone who is dependent on others. You need to be entirely independent, focused and driven to survive at NYU. Or else you just get lost in the mix.


Someone who is looking for a traditional college experience. At NYU, there is no quad, no football team, no greek life.


Someone who is shy, not used to/doesn't feel comfortable with being indepedant. Someone who depends greatly on financial aid, because it's terrible at NYU. Someone who doesn't feel comfortable in an urban environment. Someone who is looking for a traditional American college experience. (There is no football team, frat row, or quad. And you won't feel like you go to a "real" college a lot of the time)


Someone who is looking for a typical college experience, with a sprawling closed off campus should not attend. NYU does not offer that, nor does it offer a big emphasis on Greek life or sports teams. Also, unless you are interested in a specific major or career NYU is noted for (the arts, buisness...) you should not attend if you are worried about paying for college. NYU is very expensive and there are many other universities in NYC one can attend. Unfortuanatly, NYU does not offer much financial aid and this worries many students as they advance towards graduation.


An emotionally needy person who is dependent on others (friends, administration) for lots of support, someone who doesn't come from a financially stable background, a person who does not like city living, a Republican or hardcore conservative, someone who doesn't make friends easily


People who like the idea of school spirit, or school as a community shouldn't apply to NYU.


Someone with a low income. Seriously. It's not worth it. Don't make the same mistake I did. No seriously, I'm not kidding. You'll be better off saving money and working your way up later on. Don't apply. Don't. Don't believe in the myth that if you go to a great school you'll get a great career. You need money. You need it.


Someone looking for a strong sense of community or school spirit.


Someone who is reticent, shy, introverted, or non-confrontational.


An introvert. Someone who depends on others to tell them what to do. Someone who is extremely close-minded.