New York University Top Questions

What should every freshman at New York University know before they start?


Try not to expect to much. What you imagine never matches what college life really feels like. You might get scared that it'll be too hard and you won't make friends, and living with a roommate will be weird. But it'll turn out that if you care about being there, you'll get the work done. You might not make friends the first week or even the first semester, but you WILL find them eventually, and you'll be happy you kept looking. And living with a roommate becomes so normal that you have to readjust to how quiet it is in your bedroom when you go home for holidays. Maybe you're excited for the parties, or the sports, or other old familiar things . But new passions may eclipse those intersts--you discover you're a foodie rather than a picky eater, or the football player who loves theatre, or the partier who loves hiking and yoga. College helps you discover who you really are. Maybe you know already, but maybe you don't. The best thing to do is relax and just see where life takes you. It'll be the adventure of a lifetime!


I would tell myself that academics and grades are very important. They are looked at and determine where you can start at in college. I would tell myself that just a passing grade isn't good enough for college. Grades tell college professors what kind of student you are. They tell how well you apply yourself and how you apply yourself to the task that has been given. I would tell myself that just getting by isn't good enough, that you have got to give it everything you got and do your best no matter what. Also I would tell myself that just taking the basics and not trying any of the prepatory subjects such as algebra, biology and so forth will not get it in college, because all of those are needed and very important to your college life. I would tell myself to apply yourself and you will be better becasue of doing so. I would tell myself that for the big picture that everything you do in high school will be worth the time when you get to college and because of it you will be better prepared for college.


Jodi: Pace yourself, there's no rush. Take your time to discover what it is you really want. At that point, you can spend all of the time you need putting your all into achieving your dream. If you don't have it inside of you to give it your all, then this must not be you're ultimate aspiration. Listen to Dad. Put aside your differences, hear what he has to say..he's right 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time. Let him give advice, and if he offers a hand TAKE IT! It only comes once!


Don't be afraid. All of these new opportunities are exciting, so try as much as you can to take advantage of them. You are right about what you want, don't hesitate so much. These next few years will fly by, in a huge blur of learning in every single way you can imagine. Sometimes this city may seem very big, while you feel quite small, but there is no obstacle (mental or physical) that can get in the way of everything you wish to accomplish. You think you are going into college undecided, but you know that helping people is what you want to do. Let that guide you. Social work is the perfect school for you, and you are lucky enough to have an amazing school of social work at NYU. Don't let an advisor try to change your mind. You know this is right for you. Don't worry about your social life, you will stumble across the friends that you will keep forever. Make the most of living in NYC, and love every thing you do. You know how important education is to you, and nothing can get in the way of that.


College will never be what you expected it to be. You're so excited for the freedom, independence, and parties, but no one ever prepares you (or maybe we just don't listen or believe them) for the responsibility and hardships that come with being an adult in college. The most important thing you can do is know yourself and what you stand for - don't let anyone try to compromise this. While these are your last care-free years, don't make decisions lightly and don't waste your time partying. Take advantage of every opportunity that will help you excel and exceed in your education and future profession - college is the biggest investment you will ever make. Lastly, college is expensive. Before you arrive, you'll think that you've saved enough, but it's hard not to spend money every chance you get. Be mindful of possible debt and budget, budget, budget!


Number one, take your self and your thoughts seriously. There is nothing more important than believing in what you think and sharing that with others. Two, travel by yourself. College is a time to explore and discover who you are supposed to become. If your first comfortable with traveling to new places, finding yourself will be much easier. Three, be social. College is very time consuming and if you don't make some time for yourself you will be crushed under the workload. Make time for friends, boyfriends, family, and activities. The time you take away from school work will give you the opportunity to stay balanced and grow fonder of school. Four, take gratification in the small things. The little battles you win everyday are crucial to staying happy and confident in yourself. College is a place where self-reliance is necessary, so all the little wins you can tally will always make you feel dominant over your studies.


Though it may seem like a cliche, the advice I would give to myself as a high school senior would simply be to be yourself and not to be afraid to speak up and make your presence known. When entering a university environment few freshman come in knowing many other students, so being yourself is the best way to create new relationships where you will feel comfortable and find lasting friendships. Being able to speak up and go after opportunities with confidence is an invaluable skill to have in college as well. Often work study jobs, internships, mentoring opportunities, and even tickets to entertainment events will go to the person who simply inquired. Getting to know your classmates and professors is also important. They can offer you new perspectives, open your eyes to different resources, and be potential references and support when you are working in your profession in years to follow. Overall it is important to stay focused, keep your eyes open for opportunity, and remember to enjoy the process of growth in your profession and as a person.


As a child I wanted to be everything in the world when I grew up. Sometimes I dreamt of becoming a mermaid with a beautiful tail that sparkled and danced in the sun, or a princess, loving and kind, who had extravagant dresses and fine jewelry, or even a Sea World trainer who got to swim and play with dolphins. Alas, I never grew a tail, never was fit for a crown, and never got the knack for swimming, but I did discover something positively magical; something that allowed me to become anything without having to stop being me. I found theatre, and from that point on I was completely entranced in its magic. I got to college and I was able to become more than i could have ever imagined. Sometimes I feel very small, like a child standing before an ocean, a tiny speck in the grand scheme of the world, staring out into the waves wondering what adventure, what knowledge, what beauty is out there. I feel that in college I am discovering the world all over again. I love being a student. I love learning. I love trying new things and discovering new facets of myself.


I have found my passion for learning. It sounds corny, and as a senior in high school I would have laughed at myself for saying it, but I have come to love school. As much as I hate staying up late and doing my reading, or writing 10 page essays, I love to learn. I realized how much fun it can be to study something that I enjoy with other people who want to be there. I never really experienced that in high school. It's no longer busy work and skipping class, now we have round table, interesting discussions. I feel like just being in college gives you a great network of people to learn with.


For me, college has represented a period in my life of enormous growth and learning. I feel fortunate to have had a transistional period these last few years of being on my own, but not fully exposed to the harshest elements of life. I've used this time to learn who I am outside of the identity set forth for me by my parents. The opportunity to be in a new place and to meet the diverse characters of New York City, as well as, the time alone to contemplate and form my own opinions on things, have been invaluable to my personal awakening. Since I started college, I've had the chance to learn who I am and what it means to be that person. Equally valuable to me has been the process of exploring the wide selection of classes available at NYU, I've loved the fateful feeling of just by chance taking a class that ends up impacting your consciousness in a deep way. The experiences I've had here have changed me; I am not who I was, I am not who I am going to be., growing everyday.