New York University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is how diverse it is. I grew up in Idaho and I didn't see much diversity growing up. As soon as I moved to New York and attended New York University I have made so many friends from all over the world! They are so inspiring to me, and I learn so much from them and their cultural backgrounds. I love that through New York University I am able to study and learn along side all these amazing people who grew up with such different backgrounds and experiences than I did.


I consider the national acknowledgement of New York University to be one of the best things about this school. As a result of this, students get access to some of the best professors in the world, advanced technological resources, and recognition from potential employers on the strength of the school's academic programs.


The access to resources and the various people there. I have met peers who are absolutely brillant, hardworking, and will be the great thinkers & leaders of tomorrow.


The food!


The variety of people. I've experienced thousands of different cultures in my first year of school alone because NYU is a Global Network University


The amount of opportunities. Attending New York University is not a light decision. It is expensive and just not for everyone, but no where else will you find the opportunities you will here. You have the world at your finger tips; jobs, people, food. This city brings the world together and then will give it to you if you want it bad enough.


The opportunities that come from NYU are the best things about the school. They have over 13 campuses worldwide to study at and connections with countries all across the world to help students with jobs and internships.


The best thing about NYu is the opportunity to exapand your horizons. And although it might sound a bit cliche, New York City really is surrounded by opportunity for any field that you would want to go into. Hard work pays off and there's plenty of opportunity for anyone who is driven enough.


New York University is the best of all schools . The reason is that, it contained different races and ethnic groups. Different background and cultures. The school is an epitome of a reacher culture and well behaved students. The school is well achitecturally and stucturally designed.It is a place where every student will like to be, both for tourism and academic wise. Accademically , the lecturers are seasoned and qualified in there respective field of studies. The students are focus , serious minded . The non teaching staff of the above mentioned university are like parents to most of the students.


The best thing about my school is the location. Being in NYC gives me a chance to experience so many different cultures and make friends with so many different lifestyles. NYC is the center of the melting pot that is America. Not to mention that NYC is the best city in the world.


Although NYU has many great aspects, I consider the study abroad program the best thing that NYU has to offer because it is so unique. No other American university has campuses on all 6 continents! This opportunity to study abroad anywhere in the world allows you to gain new perspectives and make the world your home. Employers look to hire people who are well-traveled and understand different kinds of people and cultures.


I think the immense networking and resources available are great. They allow many graduates to get prosperous jobs upon graduation, and the resources available to students allow us to make the most out of the four years we spend attending here.


Being in the heart of New York City is the best thing. There is so much culture and learning to be done outside of the classroom. The experience is really unlike any other. That and students really learn how to be an individual and self-reliant to an extent in a way that is hard to find and develop on closed college campuses. New York City is our play ground.


Despiste the amount of students attending the school it always felt like a community.


The best thing about NYU is the oppurtunities this institution provides. Just by being located in NYC, students are provided with numerous outlet to help further their goals. NYU Langone will help my as I am enroute to medical school. The school allows for anyone of any major to have access to resourses that will fit their liking.


I think what's unique about our campus is that it's not really a campus at all. Classes are in buildings spread around a large area while the "campus" is really these buildings surrounding the famous Washington Square Park which is an amazing place to look at and be in.


The best parts of attending NYU are the location, professors, and internship/job possibilities! Located in Greenwich Village, in the heart of Manhattan, students are surrounded by culture and people from all around the world and have a myriad of opportunities to take advantage of. From book readings and music events to parades and Broadway shows - there's just nothing like studying in NYC! The professors are knowledgeable and willing to assist students in any way they can, from extra help on exam prep to finding an internship or job among the tons of possibilities in available in NYC.


The quality of the business school: it gives an almost endless amount of opportunities for its student to succeed in the future.


Cultural Diversity and the experience of New York City. The professors are great and engaging.


The best thing about NYU is that you can achieve a small-school feeling within a big-school environment. You don't feel alone among millions of strangers, but at the same time you always get to meet new people! This is because though NYU is a huge university, always full of new people and experiences, it breaks down into smaller niches, such as your dorm, your major, your classes, and your clubs. Within these smaller groups, you make friends that you see everyday. You feel at home, yet the world is at your feet.


The amount of opportunities that are available to students, both educational and professional.


NYU is amazing in that its courses provide not only small class sizes with personal contact with professors, but also that within that setting questions, creativity, and originality are encouraged. There has never been a moment when what I thought about a topic was criticized or looked down on just because I am a freshmen. The professors are all passionate about their work and will do almost anything to help you understand the material. For them, it is not enough to just know the facts, but to also understand them intimately.


The best thing about my school is definitely the free and discounted services. They are stingy with their scholarship money, but being able to make 500 free copies a semester, having the opportunity to pay for a laser-etching "at cost," and/or getting a free back massage during finals more than makes up for that.


The best thing about attending NYU is that it provides you with the ability to see the world in totality, either through what you learn in the classroom or by sending you to a site abrod to study. And while the overall experience wasn't all flowers and sunshine, it was a unique learning environment that heavily encouraged achievement and I strongly doubt that I would've been able to receive such an experience anywhere else in the world.


Apart from being one of the most vibrant campuses in New York, both in academia and diversity, NYU's motto “Perstare et Praestare” and physical location finalized my decision to apply. NYU is placed at the heart of NYC with no campus boundaries, which in a way resembles learning, the way it cannot be enclosed. With no boundaries of learning, NYU allows its students to grow academically while promoting cultural and individual diversity, which cannot be found anywhere else.


The best thing about NYU is NYC. If you take full advantage of living in the greatest city in the world, you will have an incredible experience. If you're looking for a typical fraternity/sorority type of college experience you will be disappointed. There is always something to do here, but look outside of NYU.


Being in diverse classrooms has really enhanced my learning and provided me with many new perspectives on a variety of issues and ideas. I have learned that so many different aspects of a person's identity affects how they think, and it is so beneficial to learn from all of these people throughout my education.


The best thing about NYU was being in the city! The city is your campus. Academics are taken seriously, but there is so much to explore and learn beyond the classroom. The people who attend NYU and the people you become life long friends with is another part of NYU that I wouldn't trade anything in my undergraduate experience for.


The best thing about my school is its diversity. In many schools is usually only one or two dominate race or ethnic groups. Yet at NYU ,students come from all around the world to a environment were it is socially acceptable to be different, to have different religious, political, economic, etc views. While at the same time time other people who may have lived very reclusive conservative lives have the chance to experience new things without necessarily being judged by the people they knew all of there lives.


The best thing would be the technological availability as far as various computer labs as well as wireless internet.


The best thing that New York University would be able to offer to its students is the prestige associated with the school?s name. The thought of receiving a college diploma with the words ?New York University? appeals many incoming students and attracts numerous employers. In addition, the name would imply that the student who is accepted to the school is academically smart, thus making him or her act snobby with other students in or outside or NYU.


NYU is the epitome of an institution wholly concerned with the global outlook. The student body is wonderfully diverse, the campus is integrated in one of the most influential cities in the modern world, and the school boasts one of the best study-abroad programs in the nation. With several sites spanning many continents, NYU gives its students unprecedented opportunities to take advantage of the study-abroad experience. By the time I finish my undergraduate studies, I will have spent two years living in New York City, one year in Paris, and another in Shanghai. I feel enriched by attendence.


Though I have only been in the program for one week, I find the quality of the instruction to be of a very high caliber. I am enjoying all of my courses and feel that they the material is relevant to my preparation for my chosen field.


Ironically, the point that may make NYU seem overwhelming and be considered one of its worst traits can also be its best. NYU is in the city that I consider the heart of the world. In New York City there is limitless diversity and it's where the knowledge of the world is gathered and the most strongly opinionated and most open-minded can freely share without judgment. Everyone can feel welcome here, no matter how differen; there is a place for everything and everyone to find a home here, and NYU is where I found mine.


The best thing would be the location because I live at home and my friends are still here because if I didn't have my friends from high school or my neighborhood I would have nothing good to say about NYU.


The best thing about New York University its its location in the heart of greenwhich village. It has so many internship and career opportunities that most other universities could only dream of offering. Also the classes required are very flexible and very interesting with caring professors and a strong academic program with an international reputation. Despite the universities renowned lack of campus it has an instant community feel and students feel connected, not only to one another, but to all of New York City.


The best thing about my school is the city. Being a student at NYU means having easy access to any resource, attraction, or opportunity you desire. It's necessary to find a balance between all of your obligations, but it's difficult to be bored here. It's also great knowing that you attend a school with renowned faculty and facilities. Although it costs a pretty penny to attent NYU, you will receive a quality education.


I love the size and scope of NYU. It is a large university that incorporates a variety of courses, majors, and professors that allow me to take very specific courses in a large number of subjects. But at the same time, it is a private school that provides small classes in which I can get one-on-one time with my professors. Finding both qualities in a college is rare, and I feel like I have learned so much more than I would have at another school.


The huge array of programs available is, I believe, one of NYU's greatest assets. We have, for example, an outstanding acting program, which works in the same institution as the nation's best philosophy program, along with an outstanding and groundbreaking school dedicated entirely to individualized study. And "programs" doesn't just refer to academic tracks! We also have an amazing study-abroad program, with locations in more countries than I know! The possibilities here are amazing. The sheer breadth of what one can do as a student within these programs and more is a huge plus to NYU.


Well at New York University the best thing to my knowledge is the wide areas of study available. There are hundreds of majors and if you don't find a major that interests you, you can attend the Galliten School of Indivualized Study, which enables you to choose and create your own major. Besides that incredible fact, NYU provides a buisness school, education school, and even a nursing school. Whatever your choice of study, you sure will find it a New York University.


The best thing about my school is the location. Being on a college campus in the belly of Manhattan really builds my experience. I am forced to make more adult decisions about money, safety and my personal wellbeing. I am exposed to countless cultures, which expands my tolerance and knowledge of others. Being from a small town, I can personally appreciate the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.


Because New York University has such a great reputation and many successful alumni, there is always something, such as a master class, being offered. It is incredible to be in the company of such luminary students that have preceded me, and they always serve as inspiration. In addition, being in the city provides an incredible opportunity to further my education. As an arts major, I am surrounded by art in the city, This serves to educate and inspire me. This occurrence wouldn?t be possible if I wasn?t at NYU, which is at the heart of it all.


I consider the location and the lack of a campus to be the best aspects of my school. I have New York City in my backyard, allowing for many opportunites to explore new places. By seeing Broadway plays, visiting museums, and noticing the diversity of people here, I feel that I have grown culturally. Similarly, I have grown by the fact that the school has no campus, as this makes one feel as if he is already living on his own. Since there are no physical boundaries to the university, one must be active in order to meet new people.


The best thing about NYU is its location. NYU's is mostly concentrated in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. This location allows students to take advantage of all of NYC's offerings. This location provides wasy access to subway lines that will take you to museums, 5th Avenue, Times Square, and other major sights to see in NYC. However, this location in the heart of Manhattan can be distracting for students who decide to do out more than study, but if you are great with moderation, living in Manhattan is a great opportunity for not only fun but jobs.


I love many of the professors that teach here - they are well known experts in their field, some of them even happen to be good teachers on top of that. I love the wide variety of resources available to students - the library is amazing, for instance, and countless extra-curricular activities and advisement opportunities are offered. On top of that, the location could not be better.


the strong career emphasis. the school really helps people with the job search and places people. there are many resources for life after graduation.


The best thing about my school is that you're never alone. You can always make a new friend whether it's on the bus or in class. The people here are friendly and are willing to talk to you.


The location because there are so many oppurtunities and things to do. New York city is a cultural haven


The best thing about NYU is that it has everything that you could possibly want, but only if you look for it. If you want sports, greek life, a strong community, you can find it. There are many clubs and extra curricular activities so everyone is able to find exactly what they're looking for.


The best thing about NYU is the lack of a real campus. The university is literally immersed in the city, giving students the opportunity to explore the culturally enriching community that New York City has to offer. Although there is not a traditional campus, students can feel safe walking around the city since the school offers excellent security through safety haven signs posted on restaurants and stores throughout the city as well as safety shuttle transportation and a large crew of security guards.