Newberry College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Newberry is a school that has it's students best intrests at heart.


Newberry College is a small, community-friendly school. The students are very nice and get along very well. There is no group diversity between faculty or students. Academics are a key at Newberry. Most students are athletes. Teaching, music, and religion are the top majors at Newberry College. Social life at newberry is very strong. During the week most students devote their time to sport practicing and studying. During the weekend, there is always something going on with one of the on-campus fraternities or soroities. Intermeral sports are available, and students enjoy participating in those activities as well.


My school is the perfect size and has an awesome faculty/staff, and students have formed an awesome community on campus.


Newberry College is a small college in Newberry, SC that though it may be small has a big heart and is a place of higher learning where you get your moneys worth in education while meeting friends that you will cherish for a lifetime.