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When Newberry College was just starting off, the Civil War moved here and kicked the school out and turned Smeltzer, one of our dorms, into a war hospital for injured soldiers. The college moved to Walhalla, South Carolina until the war was over and when it was finished, moved back to the town of Newberry. Smeltzer is a three story all girls dorm, but the third floor has been blocked off due to a ghost story about an injured soldier that a girl saw while walking on the third floor hall and scared her so bad that she transferred out.


What is unique about Newberry College compared to other schools is the variety of people attending from different countries. Majority of the College students participate on one or more athletic teams. Many of the athletes are from around the world.


Newberry has a very personal feel when you step foot on campus. You immediately feel at home and a part of a family, which is really hard to find on college campuses. You are always welcomed by smiling faces and people are very helpful.


What's unique about Newberry College compared to other schools I have attended is the friendly environment. Newberry college is a very small lutheran campus and almost everyone you meet is friendly and willing to help you if you have any troubles


Class sizes are will get more of your work done and stay focused