Newberry College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk to my friends I brag about my class sizes. Although, I wish I would have went to a bigger school, I really do love having smaller classes for multiple reasons. I like smaller classes because I learn more, I can sit at the front of the room and see the board, but most importantly I have one on one time with my professors. If I am ever confused about something I can get help whenever I need it and I really do like that and I try to take advantage of it as much as I can.


As I progress to the upper level classes the teachers give you more respect and freedom. Also if you show signs of hard work, they tend to be easier on you as they grade you tests. They automatically ask you to tutor people struggling in the same class as you and often give you words of praise and thanks both in and out of the classroom. Sometimes if they see you around campus they'll stop by and have a chat with you to make sure everything is going well.


I love how small Newberry College is, and because it is so small the teachers are abel to give students the indvidual help they need. Walking around on campus everyone speaks to one another, not to mention is beautiful outside in the spring time. The courses here are both interesting and challenging so they really make the students teach. The instructors here honestly care about thier students long term, and want to see us do well in life.


The teachers are accessable.


The quality education that is offered by prestegious professors that have the utmost care for their students. The prodessors here care about the student's grades and overall well-being. The college also makes the students become involved within the community by enganing in service learning projects. The education and community service are attributes that aspire to making Newberry College a small, tight knit family. Not a univerisity where students are numbers, not names.


I tell them to not go to Newberry because they are expensive and they will rip you off


When I talk to my friends about school, I normally brag about how much fun I have meeting new people. Even though Newberry College is a relatively small school, I can honestly say that I see a new face everyday. New faces mean new friends, and more people to help you on your journey through life.


Small classes.