Newberry College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Newberry College is the perfect school to attend if you are willing to put forth the work to become successful. They provide excellent connections if you prove that you're a dedicated student and a well-rounded individual.


Those who like a nice small school, where the classes aren't big. Also if you're big on music, nursing or pre-law or anything like that.


Someone should attend Newberry College is they are wanting to see some diversity. Everyone is friendly, but we all come from different walks of life. There are a wide variety of students here from cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds. The college faculty tries to work with students if they see the student struggling with something, personal or academic. Everyone can find a place to fit in here, because Newberry College is such a diverse place. I believe that anyone would do well here if they tried.


I would have to say if you are White and come from a wealthy family than you can attend Newberry