Newberry College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not ready to take the time it takes to be a good college student and someone who gets bored too easily.


Those that are going to slack off shouldn't attended Newberry College. The harder the work ethic the better off you will be. College, especially Newberry College, is nothing like high school. You can't sleep through classes and get A's. You have to be able to work your little tail off to make sure you get the grades, and later in life the job offer, that you really want.


An individual who likes small classes and accessibility to professors; Newberry College is a great choice for you. I enjoyed having a relationship with my professors instead of being a number like in a large university. I was able to get the help and attention that I needed to succeed. I was never afraid to ask for help- the faculty and staff were always willing to help me. One who likes small class size would love Newberry College. Small class size encourages class discussion which steps away from the traditional lectures. You get what you put in!