Newbury College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


When I first saw Newbury College, I thought it looked beautiful. Right away I noticed the beautiful court yard and the way that the students seemed to be so happy in the pictures. I knew it was much more than just a smile in a picture. I knew they were actually happy and content. The court yard's grass was the color of crayola green and it was extremely beautiful. The fall leaves had fallen on the grass in such a way that it almost seemed heavingly. Once I actually went into the school I noticed that it was even more beautiful than I thought and the location was much more different than what I expected but perfect for me.


My school is very small and one on one.


A small school just outside a big city.


Newbury College is a small community, filled with some people who are very hard-working and some people who just don't care.