Newbury College Top Questions

What are your classes like?


My classes do not have too many people in them. All my classes are relatively small; holding anywhere from eight to about twenty five students. The teachers know everyones name and the class rooms provide a safe environment for the students.


At first (my freshman year) classes were fairly easy but those were just into classes. Now being in my junior year its a whole new story. I am being challenged according to my skill level and although sometimes I get behind the teachers are very understanding and are there for you as long as you are professional about it. It may not be for full credit but they understand.


Our average class size is about 15 students. This is smaller than my high school! But I love it! I can ask all the questions I want, so that I fully understand what we are discussing. We can joke around with professors and learn in a close personal setting. I always feel comfortable in my classes. I often discuss class, projects, or homework with my peers outside of class. Everyone is willing to help people understand assignments or on the occasion whine about the difficulty of a test. There are lots of hands on projects, presentations, lectures, and group work. Of course, I always wish for projects that are hands on!


The student ration here at Newbury College is 15:1. Classes are extremely diverse. Students come from all over the world with different backgrounds and experiences. So classes are pretty small but it's very interesting to actually get to know everyones perspective and opinions in a small clazz size. You can really learn so much from the discussions as much as you can add to them. In Newbury Professors get to learn your name right away because of the average class size. Due to this reason, you create a more personal relationship with your professor, in which many cases the professor actually gets to know who you are as a student.