Newbury College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People should not attend this school if they don't like small campuses. Although everything is right where you need it, some people might like the walk or the having places to roam around.


A person that does not put effort into work, or a person that desires a degree not offered here should not attend this college.


ANYONE could attend ANY SCHOOL that they are interestrd in. No one should be denied an education because of their financial situations, race, sexuality or academic challenges they may face.


I believe the kind of person that should not attend this school would be a person that is layed back and someone who is not willing to put in an extra effort. This person should not be someone who expects everything to be handed to them without putting in full effort.


People who don`t like school or don`t go to school and when they go they fall asleep in class or skip class shouldn`t go to college. You dont pay for high school, for college you do. If you sleep or skip class, it`s your money. That`s how I think of it. And if you have a reall good job after high school and prefer not to go to college then dont. Not everyone needs to go to college, it`s a matter of choice. You shouldn`t be made to go to college.


There is no reason why someone should not attend this school. the only reason someone should not attend newbury college is if the school does not have their major.


everyone can do well at Newbury you just have to put the effort in