Newbury College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the student to teacher ratio. The program is very small and only accepts twelve to fifteen students per class. The one on one training allows you to receive hands on experience. The learning experience is greater when your actually hands on instead of reading everthing in a book or learning about it in a class.


It`s a small school for a college. And the classes are made up of maybe no more then 25 students. And I like that amount, because it`s a full class, but not to the point where you can`t have any one -on-one with the professor. And all the teachers know the students by name when your walking around campus, and that`s what I like about the school because you know that the professor knows you as a person.


i love how helpfull and friendly the staff is i have had a great exsprience so far. small class sizes and lots of resourses, also being in the city is great to.


the small class sizes and the availability of the professors