Newman University Top Questions

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They are different in the fact that you are an actual person when you walk through the doors. They know you, they care about what you need, what you want to achieve and know how to get you there. I have enjoyed my classes so far and the teachers have been great. They have been there and worked with you whenever you needed them. I feel like I have truly come out of the class a little smarter about the subject than when I came in.


It is very exact in course requirements and there is so much room for growth and further advancement in studies.


The unique aspect about Newman University is that it is small. Good or bad, this allows you to communicate and develop relationships with your teachers. Also, you get to meet almost everyone. Walking accross campus doesn't take long and it's impossible to be lost. The programs at this college are all excellent opportunities. Normally a school only has a couple of decent programs. Newman has excellent business program, criminal justice program, nursing program, radiology program, and many students enter med school. Most people that you may communicate with are atheltes.


It is a smaller school where many of the instructors know your name and face. You are not just a number at Newman University.