NHTI-Concord’s Community College Top Questions

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It is a very beautiful campus that is vry easy to commute to. It has everything that you need right on campus. They work hard to make it's students feel comfortable and welcome. they do put effort into reducing the amount of stress a student feels, and calms the overwhelming new territory feeling that comes with the new experience. they definitely make their resources well known so the students are aware of help if it is needed.


NHTI is very student and career focused school with an excellent reputation in many of its field. It maybe a small school but has a big campus feel that encourages and fosters students to be involved with their college and participate in many activities other than just attending classes. The college sets aside a two hour block of time once a week were students are allowed to attend and be part of on-campus groups such as drama club, student leadership, and the human service club which I plan on being a member.