Niagara University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Niagara University is not simply a college; Niagara University is a new way of life and a fresh experience full of intense academics, prepared professors, an entirely different world of friends, and enticing extracurricular activities such as clubs, theatrical productions and Division 1 athletics, to name a few. The students of Niagara University are also widely known for their devotion to volunteering both close to home, in Niagara Falls and surrounding communities, as well as all over the world.


Niagara University is best known for it's beautiful campus and medical programs such as; nursing accelerated and non accelerated, and graduate doctorate programs. Naiagara University also is very selective as to grade point averages and encourages a strong religous background and getting involved in sports, community programs, and numerous other clubs. The staff is very friendly and helpful, supportive and encouraging.


This school is best known for the Education program. All of the professors are great at making sure the student graduate as well rounded individuals and are able to handle any situation that is thrown at them. The professors have deciated their time to make sure we graduate with the knowledge we must have in order to pursue our goals.


My school is best known for their Education department and their Men's Basketball and Hockey team. Many students that live around Niagara University attend the school for Education and the Men's Basketball and Hockey teams do very well. Many people are fans of the sports and teams even if they do not attend the school.


Sports are the main thing people recognize the school with, also the art museum that is located on campus for art students. It's also known for helping in the local community and academics.


I Believe That My School Is Best Know For Its Science Departments. Recently We've Received A Large Donation To Build A New Science Building. My School Is Also Known For The Well Rounded And Very Intelligent Falculty.


Buisness and Education


My school is best known for its comunity service and all their colleges. This includes the college of hospitatlity, college of education, college of liberal arts and sciences, and the college of business. All colleges have a high rate of job placement after graduating. They prepare you for what you need to know when you get out into the work force.