Niagara University Top Questions

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There are so many ways to get involved on and off campus. Niagara also helps you plan out the best options for you future and offers tons of opportunites to gain real life experience.


My school is unique because it is a small campus and the professors are very approachable. All of the classes I have taken are very gifted in the knowledge being taught as well as having a positive attitude which is very important. This university is one of the greatest unversities when it come down to professor being helpful and postive.


Niagara University is a smaller University and has classes that are also smaller. The average class size at the University is about 15 students. I came from a small Catholic High School where I knew all of my teachers very well and they also knew me. It was very important to me to be able to continue this kind of relationship with my college professors. This University is also close to home. I wanted to be able to stay at home because my family is a large part of my life.


What is unique is the surrounding area, the campus is located in it's own little location. You have to drive or walk off campus to get into the nearest town. It provides a sense of school spirit, and closeness to the other students. It also has a various amount of locations to visit and keep one occupied and busy. Jobs always available.


Division 1 sports


Our religious affiliation, we have a strong catholic based university but anyone can come here and practice and learn about tons of different religions!! Staff members really do care about their students and are always accessible to give out extra help.


Niagara University, while a Catholic College, is extremely liberal and diverse. It has an abundance of clubs and sports, several of which I am a member of. The professors are great and the classes are even better. The studnets are fun and friendly, but you still get some assholes (it's a typical college, can't be different anywhere else). Niagara is a smaller college, but you can't tell if you're a student. I love the food even though some people say it's not very good (forget that, it's great).


This school has amazing academic buildings and is soon building a new science building. This school is also great because it is close to canada, buffalo, and the Falls


It's just right in terms of population and it's so friendly and it makes everyone feel like a family.


We are community service based and there is a great emphasis placed on it.


Small, nice campus, doing 80 million dollars in renovations.


Its a very small campus compared to other schools. The faculty, especially student life and student organizations like Campus Programming Board (CPB) and New Student Orientation really do their best to wlecome new students and make them feel like the school is a home away from home. CPB really does plan things out for the entire semester for things to do so students can't say there is nothing to do. These activites aren't just limited to residents on campus but also commuters.


This school is smaller and close to home.


The interaction that the professors have with each of the students, the learning environment is something that I have never seen anywhree else. in being a smaller school the quality of the professors is remarkable.