Niagara University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


If my friends were still living in Boston with me I wouldn't be bragging about my school. I would be trying to go to the same college they are going to so we could be together. If I was boastful I would have nothing to brag about because no famous people I admire went to my college and it is not a high ranked college either. I am just happy to be going to a four year University out of state.


Niagara University is a lot of fun. There is always something to do, and our sports teams are really good. Being a division one school our mens basketball and hockey games get really intense. WE all have Purple Pride!


I love the teachers here, they love what they are doing and they have so much experience in the field. They also go all out to to help students with jobs and internships.


The class sizes and how professors genuinely care about their students. It is similar to high school in that the teachers know you personally and really truely want you to succeed


All the oppertunities I get to learn new things, and experience fun things. There is always something to do, or someone to help. Its just a great experience.


its a lot of fun and the classes are small


I can see Canada out my window


Projects in the classrooms, such as helping business solve problems.


there are some really people here if you know where to find them. Some of the classes are pretty interesting. Also the nearby gorge is a beautiful and the campus itself is pretty nice as well.


When I talk about Niagara University I tell me friends about all the things that we get from the school. Also how small the classrooms are. Like if someone is looking for a class size about the size they had in high school I tell them that Niagara University is a great place to apply.


we have small classes, and a good basketball team. Our business program has a very good placement rate.


I made great friends there, the sports were great, and it was easy to get involved in so many different things. The housing was great too, especially the on-campus apartments.


How small a school it is and how all teachers know your name and remember it over the years.




In Spring 2008 we had Gym Class Heroes preform on campus and it was a great show. I got to help out with the show and got free admission to the show and meet the guys and do their spotlighting for them. Every semester there is a band that is pretty well known that comes to the school. In Fall 2006 Juelz Santana came to the school along with Jagged Edge. Fall 2007 Everclear and One Republic came to the school. This fall (2008) Boys Like Girls will be performing at the school. Students can help out with these shows.


Basically, that this school enables you to have many different paths in life. The path that I chose, Biology, has been quite an enjoyable experience. You are able to do undergraduate research for a professor during your time there, and unlike big schools, everyone is able to have the opportunity if they chose. Its a very hands on learning environment and I feel as though they do send you on teh right path when it comes to graduate school or even jumping right into the working world.