Niagara University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


What I would consider to be the worst thing about Niagara University is how it handles students who are undecided in terms of majors and careers. The school has the 'Academic Exploration Program' which is designed to help these students, but as a student in this program, I do not feel at all aided by its existence. Apart from being given several personality tests to try to find a possible compatibility with a future career, the program has done little if anything to help me to discover what I could possibly want to do with my future.


The worst thing about Niagara University is the price of tuition. Attending a private school is often a life time commitment to repaying loans. Also, the small campus offers more limited educational opportunities than perhaps a larger school might be able to provide. While well respected locally, the small campus of Niagara University may not be as recognizable nationwide which could complicate a job search outside the immediate geographic area.


If I were to depict that worst thing about my school it would be the Financial Aid System. I had many difficulties in recieving my Financial Aid this year and was on the verge of going back home. Although I got everything worked out and situated it was still a hassel to go to Financial Aid at least three times a week just to check my status. Once the school gets their paper work in order then they would have very little problems with angry students who deserve their money on time.


The worst thing about this school is the weather. It's always snowy and windy, almost never sunny.


There is no weekend life except for little parties. Everything off campus is not within walking distance


The worst thing about this school are the departments that are out-of-touch with the modern needs of University students. Departments like the Housing Office and Dining facilities are very money oriented and do not take on the Vincential ideologies that are taught here. Although this is a problem, it allows for students to work for change on campus and make a difference for the next generation of students that will follow them.


Worst thing about this school is the surrounding area. It does not have any college feel when you leave the campus. Once on campus however, there is a very strong college feel, but the surrounding town does not send a college message.


Not challenged. The winters are long and cold.


The cost, like all private colleges it is FREAKING expensive.


The Food in the dining hall.


the rules