Niagara University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


An unmotivated peron who is simply looking to skate by without doing much work is someone who should not attend Niagara University. The class sizes are small, so this allows each class to become more intensive as students are held fully responsible to have all of their work done properly and on time. The professors all hold students to very high standards that most students then strive to meet, so someone who is not fully motivated to put in all of the hard work that is needed cannot expect to do well at this school.


I think everyone can benefit from going to college depends on what they put into it as to what they are going to get out, and attitude is key. Having a positive attitude and the drive to succeed there is nothing that could hold a student at any college back. The kind of person that should not go to any kind of college is someone with a bad attitude and who is not going to apply themselves or want to obtain goals.


I would say that Niagara University has something to offer everyone. I don't think anyone that is interested should be afraid to attend this school.


People who are extremely liberal and artistic should not attend this school. Also, people who enjoy good weather or are very impatient. And people who like living in bustling cities.


a person that should not attend this school is one that does not like smaller class sizes that enforce one on one learning. The campus is smaller than most but close-knit. the location of the school is also typically colder than others.


I do not believe that there is any type of studen who should not attend this school, it is a totally open campus and everyone who comes here will be able to find something that they are interested in here!




A person who isn't to sure about what they want to do and aren't to focus on school work and themselves.


Anyone who is not willing to understand other people's points of view


A person who wants large class sizes and an impersonal learning experience


You should not attend this school if you love big cities or schools.


Anyone who isn't rich/doesn't drinking every single night


I would honestly say that every type of person would fit well at Niagara. Although it is a Catholic institution, and you are required to take religion courses, they do not force the Catholic religion upon you. There is a very nice theater program along with a grea art gallery for those students who wish to pursue the creative arts. The campus is becoming more and more state of the art for those who are worried about not having the proper technology.