Niagara University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Choose the college because you want to go there. Choose a career that you will be happy with in the future. Do not get overwhelmed about what you have going on in college.


If you are looking for or making the deicsion of what college to attend, you are probably somewhat nervous and hesistant. This was the same feelings that I had two years ago. I really didn't know where to start and had no idea who really to talk about it to. If I could do this process again, even though I would prefer not to, I would suggest deciding a few things first. One, do you want to be close to family, this could be immediate or extended, second I would decide what part of the country you would like to live in for four years or more. Third, I would try and figure out how much money that my family is going to be able to use toward my education. After these few things research the colleges in the area that you want to go to, and make a list of school that you would like to attend. See if there are any possible scholarships that you could possible be awarded, and then if possible go see the schools that you would like to attend. Send in your applications and await the good news!


If you have an opportunity to do something, grab it; and dont ever let go. Your college years will be some of the best experiences of your life, and once your gone, you cant get them back. Make friends with who you love, and be kind to others, remember that nobodys perfect. Always know that you have someone counting on you or that is proud of you for who you are and who you've become/ becoming. Never regret what you did because if you do, you'll never truely fully experience life. Take chances, take risks, and do the impossible. Never let anyone stop you from your achieving your goals and dreams.


Finding the right college can be difficult. I really reccomend going to each shcool you plan on applying to and visiting the department that you're planning on majoring in. I didn't do this and I regret choosing the school I did. To really make the most of your college experience, you need to find a balance between fun and work, especially for your freshman year when everything is new and stressful.


Just choose one that feels right for you. You have to enjoy the look of the campus and what is offered at the school for freshman and services to all students. The major that the student wants is offered at the college.


First of all go visit the camus. Secondly, figure out what is important to you. Do you like small classes? Would you rather have a social life? Anything like that can be relevant to your search. Figure out an environment which you feel will help you learn and grow the best, and then dont settle til you find that school. Its the most important four years ofyour life and will dictate where you end up, so make sure you find the school thats best for you and then you do your best.


Deciding on which college you are going to attend is one of the most important decisions someone has to make. Financial Aid, class size, location...all of these are important factors in choosing. I would suggest searching for colleges that offer your choice major, if undecided you can pick anywhere, and then go by location. Where you want to go is usually one of the deciding factors. Once a list of colleges (I suggest 10 at the most) is made, apply. Once accepted (which takes forever to find out!!!) visit the colleges while it's in session. Take a tour and sit in on a class. After visiting you should be able to narrow it down to 3-5. When receiving your acceptance letters an estimated financial aid package should be included. At that point take the 3-5 colleges that are on the top of your list and go from there. Pro-Con lists always help and maybe financial aid isn't a deciding factor, in which case you are a lucky person. Good Luck!!!


I think its very important to visit a number of schools and make a list of pros and cons of each and decide. Make sure you know what you want, rather its close to home or far away. Its important to know the little things that matter since you will be there for 4 years of your life.


Make a list of the top 10 colleges you want to go to and check their requirements. don't be pressured to pick a college because all of your FRIENDS from Highschool are going there. Go and Visit the campuses with in the top 5. Make sure the college you pick is the ONE you want to go to and not anyone else.


In order to find the right college for you, or your son or daughter, it is important to visit the school that you are looking at. Get to know the area, and see if it feels like an area in which you want to live. Most importantly, this school is going to be the biggest part of your life for the next couple of years. It has to feel like the best place to be. If it does not feel right, then there is somewhere else out there that is the right place for you. This also helps with making the most of any college experience. In order to have a good, positive experience, the college you choose must be the correct one for you. They must offer the kind of opportunities that you want to have.


The best advice that I can give is know what you are getting yourself into. Visit the campus, not only for a tour, but stay there as well. Talk to people that are currently in the same major as you would like to pursue. Meet with the faculty in your major and sit in on lectures if it is allowed, you will be spending a lot of time with these people in the next four years, so make sure that they are professors that have a teaching style that fits with your learning style. Do not be afraid of leaving home, it is a step that eventually everyone will have to make, don't have your heart set on one school, keep your options open.


make sure you make friends. It is very important to have someone you can go talk to when you get stressed, and believe me you will get stressed. Also make sure you have fun, you are in college after all. Don't make every party about drinking there is more to college then just being able to get drinks.


The most important thing that I have found in my college life is to find the college that is right for you. Don't worry (to some extent) about cost or distance from home or any outside factors. If you feel that the school you want is the best for you, go for it. As for the parents, don't try and shoehorn your kid into the school you want them to go to. That's not fair to them; they have the right to go wherever their mind takes them. Also, make sure you visit a campus before you commit to it...there are some campuses that look great in the brochur but are ugly in real life. Finally, fill out as many scholarships as you can, since every penny helps!