Niagara University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that it is far away from my parents. I finally get the chance to be on my own without being bossed around, I would be free.


The best thing about my school is the diversity and architecture . It's a beautiful campus and the location is near the falls. I also enjoy the teachers here, because I can tell they care about their students.


Niagara University offers the small personalized classes not available to most student at larger, public schools. The small campus setting allows close interaction with many students and student atheletes . Professers know the majority of students by name and are readily available to assist and offer guidance when necessary. The programs can easily inter-relate and therefore there is much flexibility in completing your programs. The school's reputiable basketball and hockey program offer on campus activities that promote school spirit.


Passionate Teachers and Individual Attention


The best thing about attending Niagara University is the size of the campus. Niagara University is a very small, but beautiful campus. Because of it's tiny size, the size of the classes are also relatviely small. This factor made the transition from High School to College easy for me. I was used to small classes in High School and there was barely a change when I started attending college. Small classes allow for more interaction between the professor and student. Also, the learning environment is more personal and it is easier to receive help when it is needed.


The people are great because with the number of students being less than bigger schools, it leaves chances for kids to see people more and enhance friendships. The ratio of student to faculty is great, it never feels like im a number like i would at a larger university.


For people Majoring in Theatre, the Theatre Department is a clost knit family. The facultiy is really close with the students and do a lot to make them grow as performers and people. Also the other students are very supportive. And even though they are nurturing in a way, they are also harsh when they need to be to get their students to do well.


Smaller sized


The school is small and friendly yet it will teach you to be the best in your field with many majors and minors. For example, I am a chemistry major but have a business minor, a very flexible carreer path.


The small community atmosphere. NU is a small liberal arts college where everyone knows everyone. The professors are extremely helpful and available. They make an effort to know every one of their students. There's so much to do, the Campus Activities Office is always sponsoring a trip somewhere or a concert, and the Student Government also works hard to arrange activities for students. There are so many clubs and organizations and sports on campus, there's something for everyone. And if it's not there, it's easy to start a new club.


our sports teams and the campus activies that we can get involved in. Also the size of the school and the number of people in your classes. Your professor knows who you are in and out of the classroom. You aren't a number at Niagara.


The extent to which people around campus are willing to help in every aspect of college life.


The best part of my school is the small, relaxed feeling it has. The class sizes are about the size of my high school classes (even in Freshman year), and the beautiful campus relaxes me after a day of hard work. The campus overlooks the Niagara gorge, and watching the sunset below the tree line across the river is gorgeous! Also, the small campus size makes it much easier to remember where things are.