Norfolk State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Norfolk State University is a school meant for students who desire a strong sense of kindred community.


Norfolk State University is a great school for networking and a community enviornment.


Norfolk State University is a historically black college university that has a great history and tradition. This school gives back to the community while preparing students to achieve and become successful.


My school is confident, and willing about the education.


Norfolk State University is a small school, so I am able to interruct with my professors and get a feel of the school.


Norfolk State University is an institution comprised of faculty and staff eager help students work towards not only getting th best of of their college experience, but also out of life; offering vast amounts of organized and informal co-curricular activities, leadership opportunities international experiences, student publications and student internships, and an opportunity to grow beyond measure.


Norfolk State University is ' the institution of choice'.


A great school with alot of opportunites and advantages.


My school is the largest HBCU on the eastern seaboard. Norfolk State University promotes their student's to become to best they can.


Norfolk State University is an HBCU that is the 'Institution of Choice' and it can take you a long way if you stay focused, not going astray.


I went to this school for the upward bound program ,so i felt comfortable yhere.


my school is a very good. we learn also the teachers are vry smart and helpful, and they really strive to give us the best college expierence i really like norfolk state university.


Norfolk State University is the most socially diverse enthusiastic career focused school i've ever been to.


Norfolk State University is an awesome institute, at first I did not think I would enjoy it because of the adjustment I had to face during first semester and also academically, but tutoring and student support services helped me get through my first year and I did better than I have ever done even in high school !


This school has a spacious campus with a good learning environment; moreover, the student-teacher ratio works well and keep the classrooms interactive.


Norfolk State University is an oxymoron, it is upbeat and laid back all in one.


My school is simply the best.


A energetic, hardworking, fun loving school.


An amazing school which i feel like i belong


Nice city location. Close to stores and community activities. Most professors are concern about your grades/school work.


School will get harder before it gets easier. Remember to hold your family close because they will be there for you when you fall. Get out of your roo and be open to new things. These years will be remembered by you forever, so choose them wisely.


A historically African American university that is comprised of young and non-traditional students.


My school is described as a fun learning environment in which teachers meet with students to help them understand the lesson and graduate


My school is very ethnic and not very diverse, it has a huge amount of african american students.


Norfolk State University is a campus with as much academics as well as extracuricullars for every student, whither they are social or not .


my school offers me the chance to grow as a person.