Norfolk State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for best band, libeal Arts program, sports and just making sure that all the students have the access to accomplishing their goals and excelling in life.


My school is best known for parties and losing games.


Norfolk State University is best known for its Nursing program, math and science program, and the excellent band. Most of the students that graduate from Norfolk State University with a nursing degree get plenty of career opportunities at many different hospitals. The math and science programs at Norfolk State University offer plenty scholarships and internships for its students. Lastly, the band at Norfolk State University in my opinion is one of the best in the nation and play good music.


I think my school is best known for its school spirit, aside from academics. Even though we come from many different backgrounds, we are all proud to call ourselves Spartans and we definately support each other as a whole. It may sound strange, but each individual group(sports, fraternities, soroities,etc) support each other when they have different activites. From the people that I know, we all help each other out and push each other to succeed, even when we feel like our limit is reached. I think thats important when attending a school that is away from home.


Our school is best known for our nursing program and our marching band known as the Spartan "Legion."


Our school is best known for our Band. The Spartan Legion is one of the best bands I have ever seen.


My school is best known for their nursing and business program. We are also known for our marching band.


Norfolk State is known for a couple of things such as greek life, and our nursing program, but i would say that is is best know for the Spartan Legion Marching Band. Everyone comes out to see what they are going to be playing as well as what they have "up their sleves". The Legion is very entertaing, and they have an amazing director.


My school is best known for being one of 105 historically black college universities. Also, our music program is exceptionally good. I never heard of Norfolk State University before the Concert Choir visited my high school while they were on tour. I attended an arts high school majoring in vocal music so I was very interested in how the choir sounded. To my delight, the choir sounded very dynamic and I was blown away! I was offered a vocal scholarship to be in the choir, which I gladly accepted; proud to participate in such a wonderful and outstanding music program.


Norfolk State University is best known for the amazing programs in science and technology. We have the best nursing programs in the Tidewater region as well as our engineering program.


The nursing program.


The school is best known for the marching Spartan Legion band.


NSU is best known for the awesom Mighty Spartans Marching Band. Over 250 band members from all over the US is one big loving family and together they make music come together like no one else. The Mighty Spartans are totaly the best in the US.


NSU is mainly known internationally for its outstanding Music Department, but is also known for having a strong liberal arts and nursing program.


School spirt


Norfolk State is best known for the outstanding research in the science community and dor the Business department.


Sadly as an easy party school.


My school is best known for our band. We have the "baddest band in the land," and that's what people come to see when they attend our games. Our school has a lot of school spirit that is easily seen at all the games. We have an extracurricular group called the Spartan Calvary who are basically our "cheerleaders of the stands." They rally up the crowd when we are doing well and keep excitement going. Attending one of our home football games is truly an experience, especially during homecoming.


Basketball and Football.


Norfolk State University is best know for its school spirit and academic progression.