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The Location


Norfolk State University is unique because it is historically black college university, the culture is unbelievable. The staff who works here from the janitors to professors are like a family away from family.


I know alot of people who goes or went to Norfolk State, and I haven't really heard anything bad about it.


The one thing about my school that you can not find else where is our school pride in every ascept of the school. For example, we have broken many athletic records during my time at the university. However, during our low points at the school, we still had the enthauisum during our times of triumph.


its a hbcu


It's an HBCU. It's historically black.


Norfolk State is very unique in that it offers smaller class sizes, smaller campus, and the faculty and staff serves many of the students as their away from home parents. The faculty and staff genuinely care for the students and often extends their hands to offer insight on any problems that the students may have. Furthermore, the staff are very knowledgeable about the school and the types of services there is to offer the students and will often times connect students with resources around the campus.


Norfolk State University is of course an HBCU and has an excellent accredited nursing program, and also has one of the best bands in the state of Virginia.


Norfolk State University is best known as a family school. During homecoming week alumni from all over the country come down to support this historic university. I love it because it reminds me of my family: huge, loud and most importantly spirited.


I love the fact that it is a HBCU, and we are deep in culture.


I have plenty of friends that attend different colleges in the area and they often complain about not receiving any help from their professors. At Norfolk State University, professors provide their students with as much help as they need. They show students that they care about them gaining knowledge from the class and they are not just here to "get a pay check".


NSU has a lot of Greek life and focuses a lot on trying to improve its surrounding areas and communities.


The location of my school is very unique compared to other schools because it is located in the middle of city yet everything manages to close around 10 pm unlike any city I know!


How great the mass communications was! Most of the news reporters on television went to Norfolk State!


The unique thing about my school is that its a HBCU. I 'm surrounded around a bunch of educated Africa American , something that i would nver change.


My school is a Historically Black Institution and has an excellent Mass Communications and Journalism program. It is also a modern campus that serves two to about five thousand students. In addition, it also has a wonderful marching band and is a "family campus".


My school is the best that there is. I really didn't want to go at first but my first week was amazing. I really couldn't see myself gradutating from another school. I feel like Norfolk state does more to make the students feel welcome into a new envoriment.


My school is unique in my eyes because it is one of the only schools i have heard of with very minimum acceptance requirements.


it is a historical black university.